Hello guys, if you are here than either you are a blogger or going to create a new website or blog for sharing knowledge and to earn money online. You are at right place where you will get everything at 1 place for creating a website or blog. We will share a full guide to create free website or blog with SEO and we will help you to get your website in google search.
Before starting this full guide to build a website or blog, we want to clear all doubts about blogging and it’s terms that are mentioned below. So read carefully and get every point about this guide. Write comment below for any query, you will get reply within few minutes.

Terms Used in Blog & Website

What is a Domain Name

A domain name is a unique name for a web site like HowToCrazy.com, ShaniDeshwal.com, India.gov.in etc. Domain names must be registered on domain registrar. Domain name fee is minimum for 1st year and after that it will be increased to 5-6 times. In simple words, domain name is similar as your name. And you are registered as Indian citizen in India.

Registration of a Domain Name

Domains can be registered at domain name registrar. You can purchase a domain from Godaddy.com, BigRock.com, 1&1.com etc. We highly recommend you to buy your 1st domain from Bigrock.com because it gives too many services for free with its domain name. You can buy any domain from any company across the world. You will get 25% discount on Bigrock.in with this link.

What is Hosting for Website / Blog

Hosting is like a place for storing your content online like files, In simple words, Hosting is like a land where you want to live and storing your goods. Hosting is provided for 1 years and so on. Best free hosting site is www.Hostinger.in in India. If you are a beginner and want to start a blog, you can go for Blogspot (Blogger) which is completely free and high bandwidth. If you want to move your blog to another hosting website, you should know Mass 301 Redirect.


Full Beginner Guide To Create Free Website or Blog


We are sure that you are really want to create a website for earning money on web. We will help you in every case if you need. Just start reading below guide to create a free blog or website for free with this free guide.

1. Blogger or WordPress

Above both are free and WordPress also have a premium option for creating a blog. If you are beginner, please go for Blogger. As you know this is a beginner guide so we will discuss with Blogger. Blogger is powered by Google and it is completely free to use and without any ads. Blogger never crashes with your traffic and it doesn’t have any limit of bandwidth like hosting services.

2. Create Free Website or Blog With Blogger

We highly recommend you to crate a blog on blogger. We are also on blogger. Blogger has its own features thats are better than any other blogging platforms. Please go for this link to create a free blog on Blogger.com

3. Add Custom Domain to Your Free Blog

When you have a blog on blogspot, you have a domain like shanideshwal.blogspot.in or shanideshwal.blogspot.com but if you have a own domain like shanideshwal.com then you can set this custom domain to your blogspot domain. It will help you to have a unique website domain and short domain name for your blog as we have HowToCrazy.com for hifitricksblog.blogspot.in. For a full guide to set a custom domain, please refer this link.

4. Add all SEO Required Pages

If you want to SEO blog then you must have all pages in your blog. These pages help visitors to understand your niche, your replutation, your identity etc. So please add all below pages- 
  1. About – Write something about you and your blog.
  2. Contact – Provides all necessary contact details to your visitors like email address, contact number, address (google masp) etc.
  3. Sitemap – Add a sitemap page to your blog. Read more about sitemap.
  4. Privacy Policy – Write about privacy policy how you treat with your visitors and users.
  5. Advertise – (optional) If you want to advertise on your site, then you can add this page with details.

5. Write a Post in You own Blog / Website

Now, it’s time to write your first post or article. You can write anything in your article about anything, if you want to get your article in google search for more traffic and more earning, then you have to write SEO article in any condition. Read more about how to write SEO article.

6. Make your article Search Engine Optimized

Every blogger knows about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips. But you are a beginner so we will share top 20+ SEO tips to get your article in google search. Read all SEO tips here.

7. Submit Your Site To Google, Yahoo, Bing Search Engines

Every blogger want to get more traffic from search engines so he need to get his article on search engines 1st page. But he have to submit his website to search engines like – Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc. Read this article to submit a website to search engines or go to search engines or its developer options and go further.

8. Submit Website’s sitemap to Google or any other Search Engines

If you want to submit all articles in google search engines, then add your sitemap to your account in google developers tools and same as for yahoo and Bing. It will help you to submit all article’s link at single click. For more, read this article.

9. Best Tips To Get Indexed Your Website in Google Search

We are sure your website will be in google search results after applying these tips and tricks. You will get indexed your website in google search engine within 24 hours or less. For more, read this article.

10. Add Featured Post For More Traffic to it

Blogger provides a feature to add a featured post anywhere in blog. You can add any post as featured label in your blog to get more visitors to this. Read this article to add a featured post in a blog.

11. Download Full Database of a Blog or All Posts

Sometimes you delete your posts for some reasons, but after few days you want to get back that posts. So we recommend you to backup your blog daily after writing posts for future use and offline reading. Read this article to download full blog posts.

12. Add Custom Comment Box “DISQUS” into Your Blog

Disqus comment widget is widely used in blogger’s blog. It has a lot of features and advantages for admin and commentor. You can easily embed this widget to your blog. Read this tutorial to add Disqus widget to your blog.

Bonus – Drive Huge Traffic to Your Blog or Websites very important to earn money. You will earn more money if you have more visitors in your website. You will have to drive more traffic to your website. This article will help you to drive more traffic and earn more money.
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Last words- This was a full guide for a beginner to start a blog or a website. This article is a complete guide to build a website within an hour. If you have any query or doubt in anything, just make a comment below, we promise you will get reply from our team within few minutes. Wish you a very happy blogging 🙂


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