Google Pixel 3 Series Launch on 9th October – Insiders Update

Google Pixel 3 to be launched in October
Google Pixel 3 to be launched in October

Leaks about Google Pixel 3 Series Launch has been there since March, 2018. We had first seen the Google Pixel 3 rendered images leak following up with the Notch Design & tempered glass leak. We already know that the Google Pixel 3 is coming out with Snapdragon 845, 8GB RAM & other high end specs. But, we were not aware about the Release date for the Google Pixel 3.

During my conversation with one of the Google spokespersons, he claimed that the Smartphone will release on 9th of October in New York. Which means that we are just a month ahead from its launch. The expected rumors about its release was made earlier, but we wanted to get an official confirmation.

Most Likely Release Date of Google Pixel 3 as per the Spokes Person

Talking to the spokesperson,  in one of his statements, he said “We are all set for 9th October & are hoping that things work well with this device, so that we can launch the device on the date decided.” 

In the launch, we will see their 2 new smartphone that is the Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL. We are quite excited to know, how Google will make the Notch concept different from others. It is also confirmed that after the launch, Google will starts its pre-order after 2 weeks of its launch. We are not sure about the Price for the phone, but is expected to start from $700.

Google Pixel 3 Specifications & Expected Price

Click here for detailed Unofficial preliminary specifications of Google Pixel 3 Phone.

Price and availability in India – 64 GB variant of the Google Pixel 3 is expected to be priced around rs 69,000 in India. In India is going to be available month after release in Newyork.

Price in USA – Consumers in USA have to pay  $649 for the Pixel 3 and $849 for the Pixel 3 XL.

Similar to its predecessor Pixel 2, Google Pixel 3 is going to come with Latest Android version Android 9. Know more details about Android 9 from this article,

Android 9 Pie Features, List of Supported Phones and Reviews


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