5 Must-Know Google Drive Organization Tips

Clutter and disorganization can affect productivity and mental capacity in your daily life. While most people associate this with their physical space, the digital organization is vital as well.

Google Drive is an incredible tool for storage, collaboration, and productivity. However, if you use it too much or with too many people, it can be hard to find important files and documents. Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Read on for some of the best Google Drive organization tips, and up your productivity today.

Google Drive Organization

Remove the Clutter

Because Google Drive is free and offers a ton of storage space, it’s easy to leave files and documents in there for years. The first step to any organizational project is to get rid of everything you don’t need. 

One big thing to get rid of is duplicate files. Learn how to remove duplicate files from Google Drive here.

Remember when getting rid of clutter that Google Drive has a lot of shared files, and if you delete a document, it disappears for everyone else too. Make sure that something that seems like clutter to you isn’t important to someone else that may not have it saved outside of Google Drive.

Put Everything Into Folders

Do you find yourself sifting through pages and pages of individual files and documents? You’re not alone. Put all that stuff into folders!

If organizing by folders seems overwhelming, just start with a few major folders, either by category of work or by importance. Once everything is in those big folders, you can start organizing by subfolders for even more efficiency. 

Color Code Your Folders

Once you have everything in folders, you might find that you have more folders than you thought you would. That’s okay! That just means you organized everything really well. 

If you need a way to find specific folders quickly, there’s a great tool for you. Google Drive allows you to color-code all of your folders. You may want to just give important folders certain colors so you can find them quickly. Or maybe you want to give all of your folders specific colors to find everything you need in a snap. However you do it, colors are your friend. 

Master Advanced Search

Even with the best organization, it can be hard to find a specific file or document sometimes. Thankfully, Google Drive makes it a little easier with its advanced search features.

When you click on the search bar at the top, you can select a file type to search from, narrowing down your search quite a bit. If you click more search tools you can focus down even more, by the owner, date modified, and who the file is shared with.

Stick With Your Google Drive Organization

Once you’ve used our Google Drive Organization to clean up your Drive, you need to make sure it stays clean and organized. Every time you create a new file or document, make sure it goes into its correct folder. Keep it clean!

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