Employment Success: Benefits of Good Recruitment Marketing in 2021

Good Recruitment Marketing in 2021

It’s been a rough couple of years for businesses across industries: having to adjust to doing business in the midst of a global pandemic was bad enough, but this year’s resultant “labor shortage” has put even more pressure on companies to find talented, hardworking people to fill a variety of vacant roles. 

As government and business responses continue to shift and the pandemic continues to evolve, things may seem bleak for small businesses and companies that have been struggling with a seeming lack of qualified people amongst adhering to required adjustments.

The good news is there’s actually never been a better time to recruit people than right now. Despite all the “labor shortage” fearmongering, the employees who have taken a step back from the workforce aren’t so much lazy and abstaining from work as re-evaluating what they want to do and who they want to work for. According to the Washington Post, the pandemic forced a shift in thinking for workers across industries, and many of them now want to do something different. 

What this means is that while some are disingenuously whining about how “nobody wants to work” and not accomplishing anything productive, there is actually a huge pool of potentially skilled recruits out there right now. With a savvy recruitment marketing strategy, you might be able to snag a few of them for your company, and make sure you’re on solid footing when the pandemic finally passes us over.

If you’re not sure where to begin, take a look at these solid ways to start running your own digital marketing campaign:

Make Your Brand Messaging Clear

What Makes Your Brand Unique?

It would be best if you viewed potential employees as a particularly discerning customer base. Amidst the “labor shortage,” consider that these customers may have had bad experiences with other brands and want to know why they should consider working for yours. To your end, your messaging should be clear and consistent.

  • Ask current employees what they like about working for your brand and whether they’d be comfortable recording their testimony. Their feedback can be helpful in determining what may attract workers to your brand, and their testimonies can be used as a powerful marketing tool.
  • Evaluate what you can provide for workers. Do you provide paid health insurance? Flexible scheduling with remote options? A collaborative corporate culture with opportunities for advancement? You should mention all of these in your sales pitch. Just make sure that when new employees are brought on, these promises are kept and to the letter; otherwise, it won’t matter that you can recruit new employees because you won’t be able to keep them.

Take a Hard Look at Your Recruitment Tools.

  • Take a general look at your digital footprint. Are your postings spread out across a variety of job boards? Does your pitch on those job boards reflect your brand in a way that would be enticing to the kind of skilled workers you’re looking for? 
  • Are your applications easy to follow and user-accessible? Consider whether your application process is easy to follow and fill out, or whether it’s littered with redundancy or spotted by glitchy technology. Also, consider the overall accessibility of your applications: will it be easy for talented individuals with disabilities to follow and fill out?

Come up With an Effective Marketing Strategy

The goal of any effective recruitment marketing strategy is to convince target demographics of people who may not be interested in working for your company that you may be a good fit for them. Your strategy will be a series of coordinated actions taken with the intent of reaching whatever your target demographic may be, like:

  • Hosting hiring events and spreading the word in places where your target demographic is likely to congregate. 
  • Aggressive social media campaigns on platforms where you are likely to reach that target demographic.
  • Purchasing ads in digital spaces that are likely to get the attention of your target demographic.

It may also be beneficial to consider employing the services of a professional, especially if you’re looking for a good recruitment marketing strategy and you’ve found that your current strategy hasn’t gotten the results you’re looking for.

A Foundation for the Future

Take advantage of this tumultuous time. Invest in reaching out to this pool of unaffiliated employees, and you may find that where others are suffering from short-staffing and a lack of qualified employees, you’re swimming in talent and raking in bundles of cold, hard cash.