As we know about PlayStation, its a part of Sony and popular for gaming experience. But Sony is thinking to provide PlayStation 4 for other platforms like MAC and Windows PC. Really its a good idea for PlayStation lovers. If this comes true, they can play PlayStation 4 on Windows PC and MAC also. Here is everything about PS4 (PlayStation 4)-

Good News For PlayStation Lovers,PlayStation 4 Available For MAC & PC, Game List, Release Date
PlayStation 4 For Windows PC & MAC
According to a report, Sony is expected to make the PlayStation 4 for Windows PC and MAC users. It is expected on August 23, 2016. We want to tell you that Sony has sent a invitations for PlayStation 4 event that will be held on September 7, 2016. PlayStation Neo will unveiled on the same day. This event will be called ‘PlayStation Meeting’.

Requirements For PlayStation 4 on Windows PC or MAC
  1. Cable / Fiber / DSL Connection.
  2. Minimum Internet Speed – 5 Mbps.
  3. Ram – not specified.
  4. Graphics Card – not specified.

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Charges and Free Trial of PlayStation 4
As it is mentioned on the PS website, it will be available for 7 days free trial for all users. After that, you have to pay to play games on PlayStation 4 for all platforms. Charges as –
  1. 4 Hours charges – $3
  2. 7 Days Charges – $6
  3. 1 Month Charge – $20
  4. 3 Month Charges – $45
  5. 1 Year Charges – $100

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Games Listed in PlayStation 4
  1. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
  2. Duke Nukem Forever
  3. Spec Ops: The Line
  4. The Darkness II
  5. Assassin Creed
  6. God of War Trilogy.
  7. Uncharted Trilogy
  8. Ratchet & Clank
  9. Many more…

Sony PlayStation 4 will be available for Windows users which are on windows 7 and above. The PS website states that the service on windows and MAC users will be available in Belgium. After Belgium, the same service will come to Netherlands & U.K. (Canada & United States). The PlayStation 4 will be available in U.K a week later. These dates and locations are according to rumors.

Note – Reportedly, PlayStation 4 is currently in its closed beta stage for Windows PC & MAC users.

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