6 Common Gold Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Gold Buying Mistakes

With the price of gold falling, it’s a great time to invest in gold. In the long term, gold is a relatively stable investment. The trouble is that a lot of first-time investors make significant mistakes, causing them to lose money.  So what are some typical gold buying mistakes, and how should you avoid them? This article tells you everything you need to know to avoid common gold buying mistakes. 

1. Check the Price

One of the first things you need to do before investing in gold is to consider the price. While this may seem obvious, too many first-time investors will make their first gold purchase without first checking out the current gold price.

2. Avoid Sellers Who Are Not Professional Dealers

You should also avoid any gold sellers who are not professional gold dealers. You might be able to buy gold from places like pawn shops or television networks, but you should avoid buying gold bars from these places. 

The best way to buy gold is to go through a professional gold seller. This ensures you get only the highest quality gold and that you have legal protections in place if anything goes wrong. 

3. Be Wary of Graded Gold Coins

You should also be wary of graded gold coins. There are various coin grading organizations, but only certain ones are trustworthy. Some of these organizations have official-sounding acronyms, but in reality, they’re not officially recognized grading services. 

This means that the real grade of the coin might be considerably different from what is listed by the grading service. When looking at gold investment options, make sure you know who the legitimate services are. 

4. Beware of Fear as a Marketing Tool

When investing in gold, you’ll often come across companies trying to use the fear of missing out as a marketing tool. For example, some companies may suggest that gold is at a historic low and that you can’t afford not to buy it. 

In the face of such advertising, you should always take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Investing should always be a calculated decision. You should never invest out of fear of missing out.

5. Investing Too Much

While gold is a relatively stable investment, you should be cautious about investing too much. Never invest money that you will need for your day-to-day expenses. Some people mistake investing huge sums in gold thinking returns are a “sure thing”. 

In reality, it can take a long time to see a return on your gold investment. 

6. Don’t Buy From a Subscription Service

Finally, there are adverts in magazines and newspapers that encourage you to invest in gold through a subscription service. While these ads may look convincing, you’re almost always better off getting your gold through a professional gold dealer.

Avoid These Common Gold Buying Mistakes

As long as you avoid these common gold buying mistakes, buying gold is a great investment. While you’re unlikely to see massive returns, investing in gold is a reliable way to make money in the long term. 

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