Gmail Password Recovery Problem Solved – Hello guys, after few days ago, I had the same problem with my Gmail account. Actually I forgot my password of Gmail account and I tried all my passwords but none of them worked for me there. And now, I have my Gmail accessible with new password. If you have same problem, I will share my experience with you and I will tell you how did I reset my password for Gmail.

I am thankful to Mr. E.J. & Ms. Jessica (Gmail Forum Specialist) & Google Support Team.


Gmail Password Recovery Problem

Password forgotten is a common problem across all social sites or applications. As I told above, I also forgot my Gmail password and then I tried all methods to recover that or to reset a new password. It is common for all to forget their account password because of time duration or sometime I forgot some simple words, like me 🙂

Note – Gmail is free service from Google. So, Google doesn’t provide phone or email support for Gmail issues. If you have any issue, please read this post carefully.

Process of Gmail Password Recovery Problem (official)

If you forgot your password, you try to recover your Gmail password through Gmail help option that is official process from Google to reset your password. In this process Google asks your recovery email and mobile number to verify your account. Here is a complete process Google have –

  1. Try to login to Gmail account here –
  2. Enter your email address and click Next
  3. Now, click on Forgot Password? or visit –
  4. Enter the last password you remember, click next
  5. Get a prompt on your logged in device (If any) Gmail-Password-Recovery-Problem-Reset-Gmail-Password
  6. Enter your recovery email address and verify it with OTP (If you have saved in your account) Gmail-Password-Recovery-Problem-Reset-Gmail-Password
  7. Enter your recovery mobile number and verify it with OTP (If you have saved in your account)
  8. Now, Google will ask you about your security question that you set in your account (if any) Gmail-Password-Recovery-Problem-Reset-Gmail-Password
  9. Try to make an answer correct.
  10. Now, Enter your account creation Date (month & year) Gmail-Password-Recovery-Problem-Reset-Gmail-Password
  11. Enter a linked account to your account and verify it with verification code Gmail-Password-Recovery-Problem-Reset-Gmail-Password

This is the official process of Gmail password recovery. But if you skipped your security question, the chances is less to verify your ownership of the Gmail account. If you failed to verify ownership of the account, you will get a warning message from Google – “Google couldn’t verify that this account belongs to you“.Gmail-Password-Recovery-Problem-Reset-Gmail-Password

How Did I Get my Password Back from Google Team

This is my main topic to help all my friends to get their password back to enjoy Gmail services. Today I am sharing my experience with Google Support Team who helped me in resetting my Gmail password. I am very thankful to Google Support team. So guys, here is the all steps that I made to recover my Gmail account.

  • Assume that my personal information are
    • Personal Email Id –
    • Recovery Email ID –
    • Recovery Mobile Number – 9XXXXXXXX9

There are full details that I made and Followed –

  • On Feb 14, 2017
    • I changed my Gmail account password.
    • I logged in Android Gmail app & Android Chrome browser immediately with new password (I didn’t save my personal Gmail password in chrome)
  • On Feb 16, 2017
    • I came to my laptop and then I got a warning in Google Chrome Browser to log in again to my account.
    • I tried to remember my changed password but I failed all time.
    • I tried its official process to reset my password but I failed all time to verify my own account.
      • I was correct for recovery email address & mobile number and verified with OTPs.
      • I gave account creation date (90% sure)
      • I answered my security question (80% sure)
  • On Feb 17, 2017
    • I tried to remember my password whole day and I tried again and again with new combination each time.
    • I tried in my all browsers where I logged in the same email Id but I failed.
    • I talked to my Sister, Bhavi, who told me to feel relax and to forget the issue for few days. She was sure that I will remember my password.
    • Then I contacted to my friend, Mr. Gulshan Kumar, who tried to recover my password. At last, he told me to post my problem on Gmail Product Forum.
    • At night, I made 2 tweets on Twitter
      • @Google I have all my recovery information but I am not able to reset my Gmail Password.
      • @Google @Gmail is there no importance of recovery email or mobile number to recover Gmail password.
    • Now, I was waiting for reply on Twitter and I slept again without any hope 🙁
  • On Feb 18, 2017
    • I posted my topic on Gmail forum to get help from there by Gmail community experts.
    • I read many topics there and almost was about Gmail password recovery problem.
    • I got a reply from Mr. E.J. (Gmail Forum Specialist since 2010) to follow official process of Gmail.
    • I shared all my steps that I made (don’t share your personal information, forum is open for public).
    • He asked me to wait for 5-7 days till he discuss my issue with Google team.
  • On Feb 19, 2017
    • Everything was same on next day. I was waiting for E.J’s Reply.
    • Suddenly, I got a private message on Gmail forum from a Gmail Community Specialist and she asked me to provide all information regarding my personal Gmail account.
    • I sent all details to her by same private message –
      • Personal  Email ID
      • Recovery Email ID
      • Recovery Mobile Number
  • On Feb 20, 2017
    • I got a reply from Google on Twitter and asked me to provide all details through DM (direct message on twitter)
    • I sent all above details through DM.
    • There was no reply from E.J or Community Specialist.
  • On Feb 21, 2017
    • Google asked me to provide an Email ID where they can contact me. I sent my recovery email ID.
    • Google sent me a direct link to fill a form. I filled that form my twitter username and all information.
    • Same was happened with Gmail community specialist. She asked me to fill same form through a link.
    • I filled again for her.
  • On Feb 22, 2017
    • It was 1 PM around and I was browsing in Google Chrome. I got an email from Google at my recovery email ID.
    • I read complete email twice and they sent me a link and asked me to reset a new password through the same link.
    • I opened the link and reset a new password for my personal Gmail account.
    • Thank God! Thanks to Google also 🙂

Bonus Tips for Gmail Security

Security is must for everything either for you or your data and Gmail is the first thing on Internet to do anything, I think. So, I highly recommend some securities to your Google account. Please set all securities to your Google account for future reference –

Please go to Google Account Page and turn all securities

  1. Accessible recovery Email Address
  2. Accessible mobile number
  3. A highly secured question with answer. Don’t share this answer anywhere.
  4. Please remember your account creation date (check your first mail from Gmail team).
  5. Set your android device as trusted.
  6. Set one another Gmail account for your recovery address.
  7. Set one another mobile number for recovery.
  8. Save your security codes for future.

Last Words for Gmail Password Recovery Problem – If you have any query or doubt, please feel free to ask in comment box. If you want any support from me, I will be there for you. I know the importance of Gmail account, So I will try my best for you. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.


  1. This is really a very useful post. It would be really helpful for your readers in the difficult situation. I am so glad that you contacted me. And, thanks to Google team they took your concern sincerely.

  2. I got your message on Gmail forum thanks for sharing your steps. I hope it will be helpful for me. But I don’t remember my security question. Let see what happens. Thanks dear…

  3. Shani i try my all efforts but nothing get.. actually i dont remember my recovery email. But i add other email address. But they said that we respond u in 3 to 5 days. But no response..

  4. But how where is twitter option? I am not expert in these kind of things.. cn u gave me ur watsapp num?? I will tell u and send u all screenshots.. please help me. Am sick of it..

  5. I have no access to my old number or Gmail account for step two verification. I’ve tried everything can you help? I can’t remember my password but know the date I first set up my gmail..

  6. i dont know password but i do know my recovery email address. however i have same Problem getting into my recovery email.. i also no longer have access to my recovery phone number. please help.

  7. i never put recovery email and my phone num is has changed and i only member my last passsword befor i changed and forgot

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    Keep it up guys.

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  10. So my name is Cameron I got out of prison just about two years ago since then I have spent many night trying to login to my Gmail account I have sent message and read plenty of articles or comments that would say that I’m pretty much screwed that Google doesn’t provide a way to regain access to an account if you can’t remember any of the security questions so the thing is I do know an old password to the account cause it will say that cant remember the phone number connected to the i always hit this road block where it asks me to log into my Gmail account on device I’ve previously logged into before which isn’t an option so this is what I have today I know an old password my Facebook account that I use today is connected to my old Gmail account along with the current Gmail account I use today also both of my Gmail account have profile pictures of me if that helps please I have been trying for so long