1. This is really a very useful post. It would be really helpful for your readers in the difficult situation. I am so glad that you contacted me. And, thanks to Google team they took your concern sincerely.

  2. I got your message on Gmail forum thanks for sharing your steps. I hope it will be helpful for me. But I don’t remember my security question. Let see what happens. Thanks dear…

  3. Do you have official id of googke or Mr. E.J? Please share if you have any. Please

  4. Thank you sir
    It will be helpful for all gmail users. You write hard your steps. Superb.

  5. Shani i try my all efforts but nothing get.. actually i dont remember my recovery email. But i add other email address. But they said that we respond u in 3 to 5 days. But no response..

  6. But how where is twitter option? I am not expert in these kind of things.. cn u gave me ur watsapp num?? I will tell u and send u all screenshots.. please help me. Am sick of it..

  7. I have no access to my old number or Gmail account for step two verification. I’ve tried everything can you help? I can’t remember my password but know the date I first set up my gmail..

  8. i dont know password but i do know my recovery email address. however i have same Problem getting into my recovery email.. i also no longer have access to my recovery phone number. please help.

  9. i never put recovery email and my phone num is has changed and i only member my last passsword befor i changed and forgot

  10. I think this is the best and helpful guide to recover gmail password. Thanks for writing this article on gmail password recovery problem.
    Keep it up guys.

  11. yes but ive recently wiped my tablet and forgot to write down my emails for all my gaming accounts how do you recover email addresses you forgot?

  12. So my name is Cameron I got out of prison just about two years ago since then I have spent many night trying to login to my Gmail account I have sent message and read plenty of articles or comments that would say that I’m pretty much screwed that Google doesn’t provide a way to regain access to an account if you can’t remember any of the security questions so the thing is I do know an old password to the account cause it will say that cant remember the phone number connected to the i always hit this road block where it asks me to log into my Gmail account on device I’ve previously logged into before which isn’t an option so this is what I have today I know an old password my Facebook account that I use today is connected to my old Gmail account along with the current Gmail account I use today also both of my Gmail account have profile pictures of me if that helps please I have been trying for so long

  13. when i forgot my password. i waited 2 days before i tried to login again, but then i still can’t remember and still my password or reset password didnt went thru even i put the right info. then i said im gonna wait 2 days again, that time, i said im gonna use the same device i used before to changed it, same location, and same IP add. and yes it did worked. once i put that email recovery, finally it went thru. i was able to recover my password.

  14. Hi,
    We got your query, please allow us some time to discuss this issue with our team members.

  15. hi my ex wife hijacker my account a few years ago i would really like to get it back she has changed all security details so i have no outlet there buy i can provide pictures of my identity and documents to support it. plz help

  16. Hi, I forgot the password which I have changed 15 days ago,i dnt have access to my recovery Mail id and dnt know the account opening date.but I so have a recovery phn number and precious password.pls help me to recover the password

  17. Happy Thanksgiving I desperately need your help I’ve contacted Gmail and I have posted on Twitter they have message me back a few times and then they told me they could not verify my account it is my account and I have all my information I’m very baffled and Confused please help me I need this account very badly I have some legal papers

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