5 Tips for Getting Paid Sponsors on Instagram

Sponsors on Instagram
There is no golden rule that says everyone needs to be a full-time influencer to get sponsors on Instagram. If you already have a following on the platform or are trying to grow one, you can make money on the app.

Brands always look for audiences they can tap into for every niche. This way, their products gain exposure, which is why they work with all types of influencers. If you want to know how to get sponsors on Instagram, here are some tips to follow.

1. Hustle Like Never Before

Too many people want to make a living from social media, and this has become exceedingly competitive. You need to be ready to commit and work hard for several hours each day to build a unique brand and gain followers.

Then you will have to reach out to brands because they do not come out of the blue to become paid sponsors of Instagram. You should meet them halfway with your incredible content and loyal fanbase.

When you have mastered the hustle, here are some awesome ways to make money on Instagram.

2. Remember Your Worth

Your Instagram blog should entice companies to turn into sponsors. However, you should always set a fair price. If you have 10K followers, you can charge approximately $100 per post on Instagram.

This is the absolute bare minimum you should charge to pitch a company’s products. When you become a high-level influencer or a Kardashian, you can start charging several thousand dollars for each post.

3. Maintain a Media Kit

Your media kit will be a document that summarizes and lists who you are and what your brand is all about. Media kits are essential if you want to gain paid sponsors and make money off of Instagram.

This is what you can provide companies so they can discover your profile and see if you would be the right fit to promote their products.

4. Make Lists of Sponsors on Instagram

It is always best to research sponsors who pay influencers and make a list. Then you can excitedly reach out to them with your media kit and brief to inspire them to view your profile.

This will help you know your brand options. For instance, if your posts are about travel and wanderlust, you may want to reach out to companies that specialize in car rentals, places to stay, luggage sellers, and so on.

They will enjoy your campaigns most because your content will be relevant to the products they want to sell.

5. Never Lose Hope

Brands on Instagram get pitched all the time by thousands of people who want to be influencers. However, you should always stay true to your brand and be patient.

Most of your time will be spent creating proposals and contacting people. If your content is amazing, at least one of them will eventually say yes.

Focus on the quality of your content and followers instead of quantity. There is no point in gaining several thousands of followers who will not be interested in the products you promote through paid sponsorship.

Even as a micro-influencer, sponsors will highly value your small audience if they are devoted and more likely to convert to sales.

Close Your Pitch Today

There are too many influencers fighting for the same sponsors on Instagram, but there is always hope. Companies look for those with the best content and level of engagement.

If you ensure that yours is the best profile that your fans cannot get enough of, brands will enthusiastically want to sponsor you. If you enjoyed reading these Instagram tips, check out some of our other articles for more information.