How To How to Get 1000 Facebook Likes Per Day (Works for Instagram)

How to Get 1000 Facebook Likes Per Day>

Today we are sharing a latest and most wanted article for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube users about How to Get 1000 Facebook Likes Per Day. You can get likes on any social photo or page y doing some simple steps. You can get up to 1000 likes in a single day on any content where you want.



    1. There are too many websites on the Internet which are fake and also they post on Facebook with your name.
    2. It is fully safe to use. This website we are sharing, that will not post on Facebook with your name.
    3. This an exchange platform, Like others, get for yours.
    4. You will get bonus credits every hour on this website.

Remember on Facebook-

  1. Set your profile and Photos ‘Public’ to get likes from everyone.
  2. Your sharing option on facebook ‘public’.
  3. Set both options, otherwise, you will not get likes and credits.

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How To Get up to 1000 Likes on Any Social Content (Photo, Page)

1) Open this link: Visit Here or Click Here (You will get 100 bonus credits with the first link, so click carefully)

2) Click on ‘Register’.

3) Choose your ‘username’ ‘password’ ’email’.

4) Submit

5) Now, click on ‘Add & Manage Pages’ and you will get a page like this-

6) Click on any option for ex- if you like to get likes on Facebook photo or page. select 1st option for this.

7) After selecting from above list, you will add your URL to this page.

8) Select credits from 5 to 10 (10 is highest for attracting people to your content)

9) Click on ‘Add URL’ like image URL and confirm.

How To Get Free Credits To Get More Likes On Your Photos or Pages

1) Click on ‘Social Media Exchange’ and select any option what you prefer.

2) For ex- Select ‘Facebook Likes’.


3) In a new tab of the same browser, log in with a Facebook account (fake account is better).

4) After selecting ‘Facebook likes’, you will get a list of some Facebook photos.

5) Click on ‘Like’, and a new tab/window will be open.

6) Wait for showing LIKE button on a Facebook photo. Like this photo and wait 4-5 seconds for sending your confirmation.

7) Close new opened window before 18-20 seconds otherwise you will not get your credits.

8) After doing a success full like, check your credits.

Repeat same steps to get more credits and more likes to your content.


Last words– This is a safe and full tutorial for getting likes by the LIKE4LIKE website. You can get like on the Facebook photo or fan page, tweets, Instagram photos. You can also increase your followers on Twitter, Instagram, google plus, or all other social sites. If you have any query or problem in this tutorial, just make a lovely comment below or contact us on WhatsApp. We will reply you within 15 minutes.


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