How to Get Free Financial Advice for Retirement

Financial Advice for Retirement

Did you know that the typical Millennial has around $63,300 saved for retirement? If you’re lagging behind or haven’t given retirement much thought, it may be time to create a plan. After all, you want to be financially secure during your golden years.

Read on to learn how you can get free financial advice for retirement!

Your Employer May Offer Retirement Planning Sessions

Does your employer offer a retirement plan with matching? If so, you should sign up! Not only will you boost your retirement planning, but you’ll also get access to some perks.

If you have a retirement plan with your employer, the company administering it may offer some complimentary help sessions. Or your human resources office may provide workshops on budgeting and fund allocations. Take advantage of these employer-sponsored opportunities.

Talk with Your Bank or Credit Union

Another good source for financial advising is your bank. More specifically, many banks have enhanced their online features. For instance, they may have online money management instruments that you can access if you have an account.

You may be able to project savings using your annual income and interest rates for high-yield accounts. Or you may be able to easily divert some money into a CD or higher-yield account. 

Look Online for Financial Advising

You can find some of the best retirement planning resources through a simple online search. Agencies devoted to helping people improve their credit scores, for instance, may offer free help.

Are you facing financial hardship? Turn to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for financial advising. When you contact them, they’ll provide the name of a HUD-approved financial advisor.

And check financial advising websites. You may be able to find free learning modules or quizzes to build your financial literacy.

Visit a Financial Advisor for a Free Consultation

While you may not want to pay for a financial advisor, you might be able to score a free consultation. Call your nearest financial advising companies to schedule one. Create a list of questions so you can maximize your time.

Consider unusual questions and ones related to your assets. You might be able to get more info on managing multiple properties if you have them, for instance. A financial advisor could suggest selling off an inherited home and investing the income in mutual funds.

Consider Other Retirement Planning Resources

While you’re at it, look for podcasts aimed at financial advising. Investment gurus looking to expand their audience will offer free advice over the airwaves.

Libraries house books on saving, investing, and retirement planning. But they also provide free community events. Suggest that they bring in a local financial planner for a session or two!

Get Free Financial Advice for Retirement

When you get free financial advice for retirement, you can shape your financial future. Look online for free resources and visit your local bank or credit union. Also, check with your employer or library for free retirement planning sessions.

Find more tips to make early retirement a reality. Check back soon for new articles!