Fusion Radio Bluetooth Problems

Fusion Marine Entertainment is one of the world’s leading companies that provides quality marine audio products for marine and watersport activities. Fusion Marine audio products are very well recognized all over the world by boat designers and manufacturers. One of the quality products by Fusion marine audio entertainment is the Fusion Marine radio. It is an advanced technology that is designed for providing the best watersport entertainment. It is available in many models and it can replace any DIN-sized stereo that is non-marinized. Hence, you can easily replace your non-marinized radio or stereo with any Fusion Marine stereo. Below in this article, we will cover the Fusion Radio Bluetooth Problems.

Fusion Radio Bluetooth Problems
Fusion Radio Bluetooth Problems

All the models of Fusion stereo deliver the best quality audio entertainment during marine and watersport activities. The stereo can be connected to your smartphone via USB cable and Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Problems

The Fusion stereos are very famous for providing high-quality audio services for marine activities, however, there are a few problems that occur while using the stereo. Bluetooth problems are among those few problems that are encountered by many people who have bought Fusion Marine stereos. These problems are not very serious, and you can easily solve them by following a few solutions that are recommended by people who have already encountered these kinds of problems.

The Bluetooth problems that are mostly encountered by the people having Fusion stereos are discussed here. One of these problems is that the Bluetooth Selection option disappears suddenly, and you cannot connect your smartphone or another device to your stereo via Bluetooth.

The other problem that occurs with the Fusion stereos is that the Bluetooth connection between the stereo and the smartphone or any other device starts fluctuating. In other words, the connection between the stereo and the device keeps connecting and disconnecting continuously with a gap of few minutes. Sometimes the smartphone does not pair with the stereo and sometimes the Bluetooth input is not visible on the stereo.

There can be multiple solutions to these Bluetooth connectivity issues related to the Fusion marine stereo. However, it is not guaranteed that these solutions will work for sure. These solutions are recommended by the customers that faced the issues. So, if you are facing this issue, you must give these solutions a try rather than doing nothing. The best solutions that have a higher chance of working are listed below:

1. Complete Reboot

The most simple and basic solution to any software-related issues in any electronic device is to reboot that device. Similarly, if you are facing Bluetooth connectivity issues, you should completely reboot the stereo. You can reboot it by pulling out the main wires from the harness at the back of your stereo. This works most of the time, but the issue starts occurring again after some time.

2. Checking the device Bluetooth

Although it is not a solution technically, it is the case most of the time. Before blaming the fault on the Bluetooth connectivity of the stereo, you must also confirm that your smartphone’s Bluetooth is working fine. You must confirm your device’s Bluetooth by connecting it to another Bluetooth device other than the stereo. It is often the case that the Bluetooth of your device is not working properly but the stereo is fine.

3. Reset the stereo

Now, if you have confirmed that the device you are connecting with the stereo has no Bluetooth connectivity problems, it is safe to say that there is a problem with the stereo. If that is the case, the first and most simple solution that comes to mind is resetting the stereo. In most cases, resetting the stereo solves this problem so this solution has a higher success rate. For resetting the stereo, you can press and hold the power buttons for 10 seconds. Here you go, your Fusion Marine stereo is now reset.

4. Updating the Stereo Software

If you have already reset your stereo and still you are facing the same issue, you should try updating the software of your stereo. It is always recommended to have the updated version of your stereo software for smooth and quality results. So, if you are facing any issue with Bluetooth or maybe any other issue, you must check for the stereo software updates and if an update is available, you must go for it.

5. Check Satellite Input Option

Sometimes, when the Bluetooth input does not show up anymore on your marine stereo, it is mostly the case that the stereo has defaulted back to the satellite input. This is the case that happened to many people and after they changed the option to Bluetooth, the problem was solved. For changing this option, scroll down the Settings and find the Satellite menu. In this menu, select Bluetooth or Sirius. Now, your problem is solved and now you can see the Bluetooth input on your stereo.


Fusion Marine Entertainment provides high-quality audio products for marine and watersport activities. The Fusion stereo is one of the most used audio devices in marine activities. The marine stereos provided by Fusion are high-quality products but sometimes people face issues like Bluetooth connectivity issues in the stereo. Many solutions can prove to help solve these issues. Although, these solutions are never guaranteed to work for sure but are worth giving a shot.

These solutions are recommended by the customers who have faced the particular issue themselves. The solutions listed above are some of the best and with a higher success rate. If your issue does not get solved even after trying all the solutions, you must contact the customer support of the company. If your device is still in the warranty period, you will get it replaced. Otherwise, you must decide what to do after consulting with customer support.