The Fun Never Stops: Importance of Getting Into a Hobby this Pandemic

The Fun Never Stops
The Fun Never Stops

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, staying at our house is imperative more than ever. Confining yourself in your home is a necessary step to prevent being infected by the virus. While you understand the importance of staying at home in quarantine, you might also wonder what you can do with the increased amount of time at home?

Today, you have the perfect time to discover and master different hobbies in the current situation. Getting into old or new hobbies helps enhance our life for the better. It’s the perfect addition to one’s leisure time, learning new skills, improving brain health, and many more. Below is a list of advantages of starting a hobby, and what hobbies can you start with your extra time at home. 

Advantages of Starting a Hobby 

In our previous busy life, we had little to no time for hobbies. We often set our interests because of the pressure of work or social situations. Although, thanks to the increased time we have, we can now get back on our hobbies which help you connect again with your identity and passion. 

Below are some reasons why each individual on the planet should have at least one obsession, especially in this pandemic:

  1. It can relieve the stress we had on that day and even the one we had for a lifetime. Hobbies keep you engaged, excited and then eventually relieve you of your stress. It’s because you’re doing something that doesn’t have anything to do with responsibilities, chores, or work.
  2. Being at home with your family can help create bonds you didn’t know you could make. Hobbies are an excellent way to connect with other people who have the same interests as you.
  3. It helps you lengthen your patience, which, admittedly, a lot of people should work on. Most especially when you learn a new hobby you don’t know anything about, you’re starting from scratch, and no one starts as an expert. It gives you the patience to learn everything first.
  4. Hobbies help you take a step back and take a break from your busy life. Even though you’re taking a break, you’re productive by doing your hobbies, which are fulfilling and fun at the same time.
  5. Who doesn’t love learning something new? With starting a brand-new hobby, you are learning every minute you put into working on that hobby. You’ll eventually develop new skills and increase your knowledge.

Hobbies to Get Into this Pandemic

Completing Brain Boosting Puzzles

If you wouldn’t want to spend your time at home staring at a screen for the entirety of your day, a tactile type of hobby can help avoid this. Completing puzzles is an incredible way to stimulate your brain and, of course, to relax.

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Binge-watch on TV shows, movies, and series

Always being stuck at home gives you a reason to binge-watch all of your favorite series, shows, and movies. You can now catch up on series that you never had the time to finish because of your schedule. 

Reading books

One of the most excellent ways to pass the time is getting lost in a page-turner novel. Reading books is a hobby, whether your choice of reading material is in an e-book, a physical paperback, or an audiobook. Suppose you want a physical paperback as your choice of reading material. In that case, you can subscribe to a Book of the Month service wherein a selection of must-reads will be delivered right to your doorstep every month.

Arts and Crafts

With arts and crafts as a hobby, there are so many things you can choose to create. Also, creating art can make you feel how you did once when you were a kid. You can opt to make a watercolor painting, color in an adult coloring book, and more!

DIY Projects

Has there been a space in your home that you’ve been thinking of improving? It may be an old paint job, loose cabinet, or you want to create something new! This extra time you have is the time to make all the home improvements you’ve been thinking of doing before but never had the free time to do so. 

Board Games

If you’re stuck at home with roommates, family, or friends, you can challenge them to a friendly competition using board games. You can go with the classics – Monopoly or with an intense level of a board game. If you live alone, don’t worry! You can use the applications we can today and host a game tournament in Zoom or Discord.


Hobbies have that magic touch to captivate us personally and become part of our lives and identity. It brings joy into our lives that is, without a doubt, essential to our well-being. Hopefully, you may use the time you have now to induce happiness and creativity in your home.