Hello guys, we have a full guide for Reliance JIO sim card users who have JIO sim and want to activate JIO sim card. This article will clear all your doubts about How to get JIO sim card, How To Activate JIO sim card, How To Bypass Call / SMS Limit on JIO sim card, JIO supported mobile model numbers. This article is mainly for you to get unlimited Internet in JIO sim card. You can get JIO sim card for your 4G handset and then you will get unlimited 4G Data for 90 days.

Full Guide For Reliance JIO Sim Card (How To Get, Activation, Bypass Call / SMS Limit, Mobile Models)
Get JIO Sim Card / Activate JIO Sim Card

How To Get Reliance JIO Sim Card / How To Activate JIO Sim Card / How To Bypass Call / SMS Limit on JIO Sim Card

Reliance JIO Sim Card Includes 
    1. Unlimited 4G Internet data  (90 days).
    2. Unlimited Calls (90 days).
    3. Unlimited SMS (90 days).

    How To Get Reliance JIO Sim Card

    1. Download old MyJIO Android App in your android mobile phone- click here
    2. Install the app and open MyJIO app.
    3. Now, you will get a list of 10 Apps in MyJIO app. Download all 10 apps in your android mobile phone.
    4. Close all apps and MyJIO also. Disconnect your Internet connection or WiFi.
    5. Now again, open MyJIO app, in the list you will get MyJIO app open this app.
    6. Click on ‘offer’ to get free JIO sim card.
    7. Now, it will require Internet connection in your android mobile phone.
    8. Connect your mobile phone with Internet / WiFi and click on offer.
    9. Turn on ‘GPS’.
    10. MyJIO app will detect your location. It will tell you whether JIO sim card is available in your current location or not. You can auto fill your city and location for this.
    11. Now click on ‘agree’ after reading all T&Cs of JIO.
    12. You will get a ‘offer code‘ and ‘bar code‘, save these both codes or take screenshot.
    13. Now you will be asked to submit few mandatory documents to get JIO sim card including original invoice of mobile.
    14. You will get a JIO Store nearby you where you will show your bar code and have to mandatory documents.
    15. Done! You will get your JIO sim card after documents verification.

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    How To Activate Reliance JIO Sim Card / Activation Process of JIO Sim Card

    1. Insert your JIO sim card in supported android mobile phone. check here for supported mobile models.
    2. Dial 1977 form your JIO sim card to activate your activate sim.
    3. You may be asked to verify your identity, so please listen call carefully and answer all the questions.
    4. After that, you will get a confirmation message from JIO.
    5. Hurrrraaay! you got your JIO sim card activated. Enjoy unlimited free calls and unlimited internet data for 90 days.

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    How To Bypass JIO Call / SMS / 2GB Data Limit

    1. Open your mobile’s setting and application manager.
    2. Delete all JIO’s app and MyJIO app also from your android mobile phone.
    3. Now enable internet connection in your JIO sim card. Don’t use WiFi or another internet connection.
    4. Download MyJIO app from here (mandatory)

    5. Turn off internet data and open MyJIO app (data must be off otherwise you have to update your app).
    6. You will get a warning like ‘no data’, just click on ‘sign up’.
    7. You will get sign up screen in your android, no turn on data in JIO sim card. Enter JIO number and fill all details and complete the sign up process.
    8. Now sign in to your JIO account using above details.
    9. Close JIO app from running apps and open ‘my JIO app list’ app and click on install apps. Install all apps one by one and close all the apps from task manager.
    10. Now turn off the data and open MyJIO app from MyJIO App List.
    11. Again you will have option ‘get JIO sim’ and click on ‘sign in’.
    12. Again you will get warning for no internet, turn on data and back to sign in.
    13. Wait & feel relax, you will get a popup for ‘unlimited data, sms, calls. Click on ‘submit’ button.
    14. Done! your sim card has been activated and you will get a confirmation message for unlimited calls, unlimited internet data and SMS.
    Note – If you don’t get ‘Get JIO Sim Offer’, please wait for 4-5 hours for the same. If it doesn’t come, please clear data of the JIO app and you have to try again.

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    Remember – 
    1. We tried this tricks for Samsung A5 and Samsung J5. This trick worked well with both mobiles. If you have any query, comment below.
    2. This trick is not working with Yu Yuphoria Unrooted mobile.
    3. This trick is not compatible with some models of VIVO mobiles.
    Last words – These tricks are about how to get Reliance JIO sim card, how to activate JIO sim card. If you don’t have JIO sim card, we suggest you to get 1 sim card for unlimited internet data and calls. Really its a great offer for internet users.

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