Follow some of the Most Creative Twitter Handles

Below are 15 accounts from some brilliant minds you might know. all of whom have written music, poetry, novels, and so much more — so they all know exactly where you’re coming from in your pursuit of a creative life.

Here are 15 of my favorite creative Twitter handles. I suggest you follow some of these twitter handles.

Follow some of the Most Creative Twitter Handles
Follow some of the Most Creative Twitter Handles

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  1.  @Mickipedia (Micki Krimmel, founder of NeighborGoods, LA Startup Club, and The Idyllic Nerd Commune)
  2. @missusP (Christine Perkett, PerkettPR founder, Forbes writer and blogger)
  3. @ketchupandbeer (Matt Dunlap, computers day job and bartender on nights and weekends). Why ketchup and beer? Matt says,
  4. @BoobsRadley (Julieanne Smolinski, writer, and comedian). The Huffington Post called her one of the 18 funniest women on Twitter, and not just because of her hilarious nickname-turned-Twitter-handle, which is a take on Arthur “Boo” Radley, the most mysterious character in To Kill a Mockingbird.
  5. @sarahcuda (Sarah Lacy, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of
  6. @Dutch_Oven45 (Derek Holland, MLB pitcher for Texas Rangers).
  7. @GrillCheese49 (Jason Grilli, Pittsburgh Pirate Pitcher, and CEO of Perfect Pitch Marketing). According to Bleacher Report, Jason Grilli’s favorite snack is grilled cheese sandwiches. Plus, he’s a marketing/branding whiz.
  8. @DeweyDecibel (Dewey Saunders, artist and Creative Director of Bold New Breed record label)
  9. @feistyfeaster (Monica, Seattle food blogger)
  10. @iamdiddy (P. Diddy, rapper, entrepreneur, fashion designer). Arrogant? Yes. Creative and memorable? Yes.
  11. @JudahWorldChamp (Judah Friedlander, comedian). Judah is in no way an actual world champ (despite the fact that his Twitter bio states, “This are the official twitter of The World Champion.”). What he is, however, is hilarious.
  12. @rebuildinglives (Yellow Brick House, emergency shelter, counseling, and supportive services organization in Ontario)
  13. @offalchris (Chris Cosentino, American chef noted for offal dishes).
  14. @AskBartenders (Bartender’s Network, worldwide mixologist network).
  15. @plattypants (Adam Platt, chief food critic at New York Magazine).