How to Fix a Broken iPad Screen

Fix a Broken iPad Screen
Fix a Broken iPad Screen

Have you recently dropped your iPad and cracked the screen? Do you know How to Fix a Broken iPad Screen?

That can feel like a costly loss. iPads, especially the latest models, continue to get more expensive as they get more complex.

Don’t lose hope if you did — there’s still a chance to repair it. 

There are options available if you don’t know how to fix a broken iPad screen. We’ve listed the steps below to help you repair your device and get it back in shape.

Identify the Problem

Got a cracked iPad screen? If you have an older model, you might not need to replace the whole assembly. Instead, you might only need to replace the glass sitting on top of the LCD screen.

With the right kit, you can separate the digitizer cable and replace either the LCD screen or the glass cover as needed.

However, newer models use a far more advanced system that fuses the two together. You’ll have to send your iPad in for a professional iPad screen replacement. 

Get the Right Kit

Found the problem?

The next step is to get the right iPad repair kit. Keep in mind that each iPad is slightly different than every other. You won’t be able to repair or replace the screen without the appropriate kit and iPad replacement parts.

You can find kits online. However, you shouldn’t buy the first one you find.

As mentioned, make it a point to check that the kit is specifically for your type of iPad. Each kit also comes with the types of screwdrivers and tools you’ll need.

Hire a Professional

If the damage is minor, you’ll be able to repair it on your own. However, extensive damages require professional broken iPad screen repair services.

Yes, hiring repair services can seem expensive at first, but that’s not really the case. It’s more affordable to pay for guaranteed good services than to spend on a kit, do it yourself, and end up damaging your iPad further. 

You’ll have to spend again for another attempt or simply call experts for a more reliable repair job.

Will this void your warranty? Yes, it will, but it’s often the best option for people with older units or expired warranties. 

Now You Know How to Fix a Broken iPad Screen

Learning how to fix a broken iPad screen isn’t that difficult if you know what to do. Identify the extent of the damage and then repair it yourself with the right kit or hire professionals for the job. With patience, you’ll be able to use your iPad and make it look and feel brand new again.

Of course, a broken iPad screen isn’t the only kind of maintenance to manage. You need to know how to handle a dead battery, water damage, and viruses. Fortunately, we’ve got your back.

Learn how to take better care of your device and keep it running for years, and don’t hesitate to read more of our tech guides right here!