Faulty pipes? Why you should hire a plumber

hire a plumber

You’ve got a toolbox lying around and YouTube; how hard could it be to fix that faulty pipe, right? Let’s face it, these times are trying, and we’ve all found ourselves tempted to DIY our way out of a situation at one point in our lives. It seems a lot easier to roll up your sleeves and sit through an hour-long tutorial on fixing a leaking pipe than pay $150 an hour for a professional to do it for you. Besides, who has that extra cash lain waiting for a plumbing problem? We get it; getting down and dirty and learning a new skill while you’re at it is by far the most rewarding feeling and arguably a small price to pay for saving those extra bucks. But here’s the thing, every problem that pops up in your home isn’t a DIY project, and plumbing happens to be one of them.

Five reasons you should hire a plumber

There’s nothing wrong with trying to be your handyman, but it might not be worth it when the trial is risky enough to cost you thousands of dollars. Faulty pipes, clogged toilets, dripping faucets, and other common plumbing problems can turn disastrous quickly when not handled with the urgency and precision they deserve. Of course, you’ll always maintain the choice to sit through repair tutorials, but that’d be similar to letting the situation blow out of proportion. So what now? Consider hiring professional plumbers instead, and we have just the reasons to sway you.

Expert service

Hiring a certified plumber guarantees you professional assistance; ideally, this gives you peace of mind knowing you’re entrusting your plumbing needs to trained and experienced personnel. The professional plumber will professionally treat your concerns and assess the pipes extensively since most faulty pipes stem from a profound seated complication like excessive pressure or heat. While working your faulty pipes out, the plumber is also more likely to spot any looming problems like leaks and clogs; this will help you stay ahead of them. 


If you’ve experienced a plumbing issue before, then you know dragging it out is never an option-not unless you want your place drenched in a matter of minutes. Admittedly, cozying up to watch a YouTube tutorial with a leaking pipe behind you is not practical. Reach out to plumbers in Toronto or your locality to resolve the issue swiftly. Additionally, certified plumbers have years of experience packed on, so they’re accustomed to handling plumbing emergencies fast, unlike DIYing a faulty pipe repair which would take you a couple of trials and errors before nailing it.    


Most accredited plumbing companies come with guarantees and promises to their clients- the companies’ warranties are based on their mission, objectives, and service commitment to their clients. Working with a professional plumber will assure you of quality service, a money-back guarantee, discounts, and complimentary check-ins. These are just one of the many measures to uphold A-Game service and protect the customer’s interest in case of a fault pipe recurrence. 

Insurance and bonds

As per the legal recommendations, professional plumbing companies are bonded and insured to protect the client and the business’ interests. The insurance benefits are well-extended to the customer, covering them from any damages; this is to say that if an injury occurs while providing their service, the company can be held fully responsible and accountable for reimbursement of any loss.

Equipped plumbers

When fixing your faulty pipes, you’ll have to invest in plumbing materials to get the job done; we’re talking an entire toolbox of plumbing toys from screws to plies and spanners. While this might not seem like a big deal to most people, it’s still money out of pocket. Similarly, DIYing your plumbing problems would also mean getting your supplies; the downside is that you’ll always risk getting the wrong materials for your pipe repairs. With a professional plumber, they come prepared with necessary equipment and repair materials without putting the strain and hassle on you.


Plumbing problems aren’t uncommon; people have come to wrap their heads around them and even create possible solutions that don’t require professional intervention. Therefore, DIY plumbing resolutions are not unheard of; anyone can get the job done with the proper guidance and equipment. However, if you’re looking for quality service and long-last approaches to those faulty pipes, hiring professional plumbing services will always be your best bet. These companies come with years of experience, skills, and certification to tackle any plumbing problem, so hiring them might not be a bad idea. Tip- log online and check out tips for choosing a plumbing company that suits you before making your call.