Famous Influencers Who are Ruling on Instagram These Days 

Influencer marketing is an active approach for brands to get closer to the audience. Every other brand regardless of its size has collaborated with an influencer on Instagram to promote its product and service. Pretty soon, you’ll see even your ISPs like Charter Spectrum doing the same. These famous influencers have a fan following that supports them and connects with them regularly. 

Famous Influencers

When it comes to choosing influencers, you shouldn’t rely on followers alone. Instagram accounts with the most followers usually belong to celebrities. They don’t really have influence, they have a fan base because of their celebrity status. What you need to do is find Instagram accounts in niches. These accounts are recognized as experts in the fields, regardless of their number of followers.

So, if you like to know who is ruling Instagram these days, here are the names:

Addison Rae

Instagram Handle: @addisonraee

Niche: Beauty 

Addison is a dancer and social media personality from America. She became famous for her dance videos on TikTok. Most of her posts on Instagram are related to beauty rather than dance. 

She also got a singing gig with a talent agency named WME last year. That was another reason for her fame.

 Khaby Lame

Instagram Handle: @khaby00

Niche: Computer and gadgets 

I am sure you have seen this guy in memes, which are apt and hilarious. Khaby was basically a TikToker and that’s the platform from where he got this fame. He makes short comedy skits in which he points out people who complicate simple chores or tasks for no reason. He is the most followed Italian on Instagram as well as TikTok. 

Lame lost his factory job because of COVID and decided to test TikTok with his sarcastic skits. Look where he is now!

 Karen Blanchard

Instagram Handle: @karenbritchick

Niche: Fashion 

Karen Blanchard is known for her trendy lux fashion all over Instagram. This British influencer lives in New York and is stunning her followers with her iconic fashion choices.  Blanchard isn’t just a top fashion influencer on Instagram, she is also an entrepreneur. She has her own YouTube channel as well. Do check out her series named what everyone is wearing in NY to catch a glimpse of what’s trending in fashion these days.

 Zach King

Instagram Handle: @zachking 

Niche: magic, illusion, humor, and fun 

This internet personality is an illusionist and a filmmaker in LA. People know him for his 6-second videos which are edited to make them look as if he’s doing magic. He calls them magic vines.

Apart from Instagram, he has a YouTube channel where he shows his work.  

Shane Dawson 

Instagram Handle: @shanedawson

Niche: beauty, humor, art, shows

Dawson is primarily a YouTuber. He was among the first people to get fame on YouTube. If you look at his past videos, they are a bit controversial. They were so controversial, YouTube suspended the modernization of 3 of his channels indefinitely.  His Instagram posts are less problematic though.  He has taken a break from creating videos because he wants to stay in a positive and jolly mindset  

Jamie Oliver

Instagram Handle: @jamieoliver

Niche: food

Jamie Oliver is a British chef and a TV personality. His Instagram feed is full of healthy and locally produced food. He also shares pictures of recipes.

Chef Jamie has been teaching kids how to cook, so do catch his stories. He used to own a restaurant chain as well which went bankrupt in the year 2019. 

Jack Morris

Instagram Handle: @DoYouTravel

Niche: Travel

Jack’s Instagram name is DoYouTravel. He along with his wide travel to exotic palaces, take stunning photos and post them on Instagram. 

He is also an influencer because Jack works with brands in the hospitality industry locally and internationally. You might also catch him promoting his own items like drones and other equipment he uses to capture amazing pictures. 

Murad Osmann 

Instagram Handle: @ muradosmann

Niche: Photography and Travel 

A professional photographer from Russia, Murad became famous for his FollowMeTo series, which distinguished him as a travel-themed photographer.

For the exact reason, he and his wife are considered ravel influencers as well. Just go explore his Instagram photos. They are a work of art!  


Instagram Handle: @daquan

Niche: Humor 

This Instagram account doesn’t belong to a specific person. It’s a meme account where you can find the funniest content worldwide. The content is actually good. No wonder the Warner Music Group paid them $85 million in 2020.

The identity of the person behind the account is a mystery but its editorial side is managed by a 23-year guy. The person on the profile image is not the real Daquan.