Facebook Profile Prank Trick – Prank Your Facebook Friends [Must Try]

Hi, today I will share an interesting and hidden Facebook Profile Prank Trick. Its all about entertainment and to enjoy with Facebook friends. Here, I will give you a couple of lines and you can share them on your Facebook wall. To know more, please read this trick until the end.

Remember: There is no hacking or misleading. This trick is just for entertainment. Just enjoy it. Don’t use this try to harass anyone.

Facebook Profile Prank Trick
Facebook Profile Prank Trick

Facebook Profile Prank Trick 2018 – 100% Safe

How To Make Fool Your Facebook Friends

1. Open facebook.com in your browser or application.

2. Ready to post an update on your Facebook Profile with your friends and public.

3. Now, copy all blue text (don’t remove anything).

2 months ago I gave 2500/- to a ‘friend’ who said will pay me back in a week. I’ve been calling regularly but there is no answer. I’m not expecting my money back via posting this on Facebook. Please let him know I will not demand my money back. This is facebook profile link who it is https://goo.gl/MYFYWW Do you know him??

4. Paste the above code in your Facebook share box and post it.

5. Proof of My Update – Link 

Facebook Profile Prank Trick Proof
Facebook Profile Prank Trick Proof

Now, you will get a huge response from your Facebook friends and you will also get a lot of messages on your facebook. Everybody will say to you that he didn’t get any money from you. Everybody will be pranked with your post.

Behind the Facebook Prank Trick 2018

Now, you are thinking about this trick. So, if you want to get this tricks behind facebook prank, please read the below comments on this post. I have written there. If you like it, please drop a comment below.

Conclusion: Guys, its all about prank and entertainment. Just share the above text on your facebook profile and you will get a huge response from your friends and family members. Again, we recommend you not to harass anyone with this trick.


  1. I have added a link to above text. When a Facebook user clicks on it, he/she will be redirected to his/her Facebook Profile automatically. So, everybody will think that he got money from you and he will make a comment on your post. So, try this one and make some fun on Facebook.

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  2. LOL! Definitely one of the best pranks I’ve heard of in a long time! Best part about it is it’s harmless… Besides ruffling a few feathers of those with no sense of humor… Luv it!

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