Facebook Ads: These Mistakes You Should Avoid

Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads

Facebook is no longer just a platform to be seen and to share the latest news; above all, it has become an elementary advertising channel – what companies should consider.

Displaying advertising on Facebook has become an integral part of the marketing mix for many companies. So it is no wonder that investments in social media advertising have increased annually and will probably continue to do so. According to Statista estimates, spending in the USA is expected to rise to $10.7 billion by 2024. Facebook is the clear favorite with a market share of almost 80 percent. So, it is all the more important to get the most out of it and to design the advertisements in such a way that they also meet Facebook’s requirements.

Today we will share with you basic mistakes that business owners or entrepreneurs make while working with a Facebook ad platform. Before understanding the basic mistakes marketers make on Facebook, you have to set up the page on the platform properly. You may have a perfect jump-start of the Facebook journey with help of experienced companies. For instance, buy Facebook likes to increase the trust of your page in the eyes of potential customers.

Low page quality

The advertising campaign is linked to the company website – and if it is neglected or does not comply with the platform guidelines, the risk of Facebook collecting a campaign or ad increases. So, marketers have to make sure to regularly fill the company website with individual content that offers visitors added value. It is very easy to see how Facebook rates the quality of a page.

Bad Image Ads

Bad image ads are the number one reason Facebook rejects an advertising campaign. Therefore, marketers should consider a number of factors when designing an ad: These include relevance to the target group, that the information provided is correct, as well as image quality, and the relation between text and image. It is better to target a smaller audience than to cause displeasure on Facebook through irrelevant spam. And advertisements should consist of at least 80 percent non-textual elements.

Wrong ad format and/or advertising goal

It is actually logical: if you choose the wrong ad format or advertising target, you shouldn’t be surprised if the results are unsatisfactory. In the worst case, Facebook does not assume that it was an accident but rather assumes malicious intent. That is why marketers should always first set the advertising goal and, in the second step, consider how and why they can achieve the goal. Facebook has published an overview of the various formats as well as an aid to choosing the right advertising target and you check the guideline.

Bad landing page

The campaign landing page should be of good quality for two reasons. On the one hand, visitors should stay and ideally buy something. Facebook also analyzes the landing page and checks whether it fits the ad and the Facebook profile and whether there are major user experience disasters, such as many popups or broken links.

Incorrect payment information

Nobody is in the mood of unreliable business partners. Make sure that you always have the most up-to-date and complete payment information on Facebook. Open invoices must be paid on time.