Everything You Need to Know About Chandeliers 


Ever considered a touch of class to your space? Then you can never go wrong with chandeliers. For centuries, chandeliers have adorned ceilings in spaces, so to say they are the most elegant decorations would be an understatement. Once made from wood and used to hold real candles, chandeliers have changed with time. Today, chandeliers are made from new, improved materials, with manufacturers and designers tapping into technology to create led chandeliers that allow more freedom to experiment with design. Talk about spoilt for choice! 

Chandeliers are a symbol of modern elegance that cater to both the visual appeal and needs of individuals. It is no wonder we find them hanging in ceilings of ballrooms, dining halls, and even homes. So, what do we know about chandeliers? You guessed it! One type does not fit all. For the perfect chandelier for your space, you will need to uncover the mystery behind this sophisticated piece of décor. 

Definitive Guide to The Different Types of Chandeliers 

How do you pick a chandelier suitable for you when you barely know them? In lighting, information is everything: the key to making the right decision. There are different chandeliers, and we cannot possibly go through them all because more designs are being developed as we speak. That said, let’s go through some common chandeliers you are likely to bump into the market. 

  • Candle chandeliers

Not new in the game, these chandeliers continue to be popular in the design world, although there are some changes made to the authentic design. Instead of real candles at the end of the extensions, candle-like lights are used to give the design its signature look. If you have an eye for simplicity, this rustic style chandelier will work perfectly for you. The best part, they are not big on space and can work even in small spaces. 

  • Crystal chandeliers

You have no excuse not to glam up your stairway because this crystal chandelier is it. Additionally, if you have a large dining and living space set up, this will marry well with those high ceilings. Not so much space? Don’t sweat it because there is a miniature option for below-average-sized rooms. 

  • Drum chandeliers

Named after their round shape resembling drums which cause the light emitted to be directed at the ceiling. These chandeliers have a tasteful glow that creates an ambiance perfect for the bedroom or kitchen. 

  • Tiered chandeliers

Tiered chandeliers will catch your eye when shopping; the multiple layers and extra arms are show stoppers. The chandelier is available in various designs, some taller than others, but there’s a catch; if you are going to fit the tiered chandelier, you will need ample space. 

Choosing The Right Chandelier for Your Space

This piece does not begin to scratch the surface of the different chandeliers, so it is only expected that you encounter some dilemma when buying. But here are tips to guide your purchase

  • Size is everything

Smaller spaces and large rooms have different size requirements for the chandelier, so before you pick out one, ensure you talk to the sales team about finding you a chandelier that suits the size of your room. 

  • Style of your space

What style does your room encapsulate? Are your ceilings high or low? Does your room design lean on the traditional or modern style? The answers to these will provide you with an answer to your dilemma, allowing you to narrow down the many chandelier choices. 

  • Use of room

Contrary to assumption, chandeliers are not only reserved for dining and living spaces. From foyers, entryways, bedrooms, and even bathrooms, you add a chandelier to any room, but always consider the use of the room because just not all types of chandeliers will work for all rooms.

  • Preferred choice

Don’t let playing it safe stand between you and unique design opportunities. You can still pick something you like while considering all the other factors. While a chandelier that marries well with your style could work for you, a piece contrasting with your room design can create an unexpected look that will win your eye.   

Wrapping up 

Lighting can be tricky for people mainly because of a lack of information, and the many choices we have do not make it easier to decide. When picked properly, a beautiful chandelier could transform your space into a breathtaking setting.