Ergonomic Office Chair Designs, Space Planning and Office Furniture Placement

Did you rent a new office? Planning to expand your staff? Want to improve your corporate identity? Then come to us. In this article, we’ll help you figure out where to start, who to entrust and how not to spend too much on Office Furniture.

Office Furniture

Where do I start?

Start by asking questions. If you already have an office and employees, how many more do you want to hire? You don’t have an office yet, you’re just planning to rent one, then how many employees will you have and how promising will it be to expand your staff in the coming years?  Do you have the perfect combination of productivity and income, but not enough of an effective office look?

When the basic questions about setting up a hypothetical, new, or favorite old space are formed, let’s plan our workplaces. The ideal solution for planning them would be to bring in specialists. Depending on the task, these can be either furniture suppliers or designers. The tasks and experiences of these two are very different. The designer will help you to create a professional image and style of the office, but rarely will he be able to arrange the workstations in a comfortable and high-quality way. To solve this problem we recommend you contact your furniture dealer. Such companies have professional designers, whose task is to ergonomize the work-space. Our company provides a free service to create an ergonomic office space, or simply put, a convenient arrangement of furniture.

What do you need to think about first about Office Furniture?

Ergonomic Office Chair Designs, Space Planning and Office Furniture Placement
Ergonomic Office Chair Designs, Space Planning and Office Furniture Placement

When organizing office space, regardless of whether you plan it independently or involve a specialist, you need at least 3 square meters of space per employee. This figure already includes a desk with a table caps chair, and the minimum number of cabinets, and office equipment, and passages. In other words, it is recommended to place no more than 4 people in a room of 12 square meters. This is the maximum number of people. More employees can be placed, but will their work be productive?

Very often the client sets a task to the designer to sit in office 10 m2 five, if not six people. It would be ideal to have 3 people in such a room.

We will cope with the task of accommodation and more employees, providing all the requirements of ergonomics of the office.  It is profitable for us to serve you quickly and efficiently, to earn your trust and warm recommendations for future clients. 

Very often offices are rented out with a repair or planned repair only “cosmetic”. In this case, everything is simple – to pick up the furniture design and seat employees will not be difficult. If you want a strict style – in this case, we recommend you to hire a designer, who in turn will contact a specialist in the planning, and everyone will do their job.

Prospects for growth

Already at the planning stage, it is important to think about the near future and the prospect of expansion. If you have new employees in the near future, you should also plan jobs for them, at least on paper.

How to place employees properly? 

Where to place office Office Furniture and equipment?

When setting up an office, remember to computerize the workplace. We will be able to offer you the holes for the wires, so that unnecessary “laces” are not in a visible place and as much as possible covertly connect all the devices. Very convenient to use open pendant and mobile trays for system blocks, and shelves under the keyboard on which the keyboard will be hidden under the table, freeing it for other things.

What size and shape should the table be?

If your office is a call center and your main task is to communicate on the phone, we recommend you to pay attention to the smallest tables. After all, a large desk for an employee who will only have a laptop or a computer and a phone is not needed at all. It should be remembered that in order to focus on the subscriber, it is advisable to visually isolate the employee from colleagues and, in this case, you will definitely need zoning. To ensure this, use the partitions. This is the ideal solution for creating individual workspaces. Modern partitions are available with a wide range of accessories – pendant glasses for pens, paper trays and other office amenities.

For employees who work with a high turnover of documents, we recommend choosing tables with lengths of 120 cm or more. On such a table there will be a monitor and a folder with paper freely placed. It would be even better to choose a corner table and place fax, a printer or something important and useful on the additional side work area. If the staff will work with visitors, you will definitely need a console to the table or a briefing console. These consoles can be attached to the same table or put together.

And what about the client?

A very important thing when working with a client is to have him/her in your office. As a professional, you should think of an area where the client can wait if he or she has arrived earlier than the scheduled meeting or is unable to take the time at the moment. Usually, a small sofa or regular chairs in a row are used for this purpose. You can find them here. It will be very convenient to have a small magazine table on which you can place and promotional items and serve a cup of coffee for those waiting.

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