Entrepreneurs Claim Good Sleep Secret to Their Success!

Entrepreneurs Claim Good Sleep Secret to Their Success!
Entrepreneurs Claim Good Sleep Secret to Their Success!

Entrepreneurs have been known to make sacrifices in their lives to accommodate their businesses. These sacrifices include abandoning long-term goals, staying away from family and friends, and even missing meals so that they can build their businesses. Below in this article, we will cover the Entrepreneurs Claim Good Sleep Secret to Their Success!

However, they suffer from sleep deprivation, thereby damaging their chances of success. About half of the CEOs in the world, according to a few surveys, get less sleep than what is typically recommended.  

Entrepreneurs Need As Much Sleep As Everybody Else

Even some of our best inventors like Edison and Ben Franklin were losing sleep while inventing, but even though they were successful, it would be a bad idea to emulate them. Sleep deprivation is a serious issue and will cause more harm than good.

How Sleep Deprivation Affects You

Doctors recommend that adults should get about seven hours of sleep at night. It is also alright to take short naps during the day to keep up your energy. Too much-missed shut-eye is very bad for your health and productivity.

The Centers for Disease Control say that more than 1/3rd of professionals do not get their recommended amount of sleep, and they begin to experience many health issues such as diabetes and even stroke. These health effects are temporary, and they feel it is worthy for them to miss sleep so they can have a successful company.

However, that might not happen. Sleep deprivation affects cognitive functions, your logic, judgment, memory, and concentration. Not getting any sleep can bring your company and you down.

Why Do Entrepreneurs Skip Sleeping?

These are the top reasons why entrepreneurs want to forgo sleep. :

  • Want to get more done. 
  • Do not think of sleep as a priority 
  • Stay up to check their emails. 
  • Do not deal with stress the way they should.  
  • Drink too many drinks with caffeine. 

Sleep Affects Your Mood

When someone yells at you and apologizes, claiming that they are tired, it is not an excuse. Entrepreneurs are some people who do exactly this because sleep does affect your mood. 

According to some studies, sleep deprivation leads to irritability and can cause people to be unable to control their anger. However, as soon as they are able to regain their standard sleep patterns.

Stay Calm and Get More Sleep

Entrepreneurs are supposed to be motivational and inspirational, not scary, and sleep can help with this. If entrepreneurs are frightening when talking to their employees, those employees will then feel uncomfortable in their presence.

What Tips Are There to Help Entrepreneurs Sleep Better

There are many tips out there to help entrepreneurs get more sleep. These include:

  • Avoiding caffeine.
  • Avoiding sleeping pills.
  • Not watching television.
  • Doing a boring activity to clear your mind.

Sleep Helps with Productivity

One thing you should know is that productivity does not correlate with time. Working more does not always aid productivity. In fact, it lessens productivity. That is why sleep helps you to perform better at work.

Negative Effects Caused By Not Sleeping Enough

There are so many adverse effects that entrepreneurs face when they do not get enough sleep, thereby affecting productivity. Here are a few of those negative effects to productivity. Entrepreneurs have 

  • Difficulty focusing

Lack of sleep causes entrepreneurs to have trouble focusing on their tasks.

  • Memory loss

Many scientific studies say that our brains process the day’s thoughts and reactivate memories while we sleep. Not sleeping causes us to forget what we need to know, and then we have no clue what we were supposed to know more the next day.

  • Make poor decisions and mistakes.

When entrepreneurs do not sleep, they are unable to make split-second decisions causing productivity to drop. Mistakes are also made when there is a lack of sleep. 

Solutions to Combat Sleep Issues

Knowing the harmful effects of sleep deprivation is not enough. Knowing how to fix your sleeping issues will help tremendously. Some problems go much deeper, requiring professional help. However, many of the common sleep issues are easier to fix. These solutions/problems include but are not limited to:

  • Temperature

If it is hot in the house during the summer, it is best to have the thermostat set to sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit to help you sleep at night. If your air conditioning is not up-to-par, a fan works wonders as well as a cold, wet washcloth. 

  • Discomfort

Itchy bedsheets, sweaty pjs, or springs are your worst enemy when you sleep. Wearing the appropriate pajamas or investing in a new bed helps immensely. 

  • Noise

Outside noise is a big issue when it comes to not getting enough sleep. Covering your ears with a pillow or using a noise-blocking Bluetooth earbud, like this one for sleeping helps. White noise is best if wearing earbuds. You can even use a few YouTube videos to help you sleep. 

Fun Facts about Famous People’s Sleep Habits

Ever wonder how famous entrepreneurs sleep well? Wonder no more. Here are a few famous entrepreneurs and other celebrities who have unusual sleep rituals.

  • Mariah Carey

We all know Mariah Carey for her songs and the fact that she is married to Nick Cannon, but how does she deal with not sleeping? She has quite a few humidifiers around her bed. She adds moisture to her bedroom to simulate a sauna, thereby allowing her to sleep. This also helps her to keep her throat clear so she can keep belting out her songs to the masses.

  • Stephen King

While reading his books before bed might not be a good idea, even Stephen King has a ritual before he can go to sleep. King likes the opening of his pillow to be facing the opposite direction of the bed. He also washes his hands before bed. Imagine that!

  • Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson may have been our first American Idol winner, but who knew that she likes to write songs before sleeping? If a song idea pops into her head as she heads to bed, she must write the song before her brain lets her get any sleep.

We all have unique quirks that help us to fall asleep, but one thing is for sure: Sleep is always a good thing. If entrepreneurs, or anyone for that matter, has trouble falling asleep, rituals can help with this or any of the solutions mentioned above.