The 10 Best Email Writing Tips Guaranteed to Spark Interest

Email Writing Tips Guaranteed

Believe it or not, approximately 300 billion emails are sent and received every day, all around the world. Email has grown to become an absolutely essential part of how we conduct work and personal affairs. However, with such a constant surplus of emailed content, it takes all the more effort to stand out from the pack.

Perhaps you are looking for a few ways for your emails to catch a few more eyes. Are you hoping to start an interesting, enticing email campaign? It can be intimidating to start an email marketing campaign, but with these email writing tips, prospective clients can’t turn away.

1. Choose a Good Subject Line

Subject lines are often the first thing to make or break your email.

A poor subject line can send your email straight to a recipient’s spam folder. The best email subject lines are terse, to-the-point, and relevant to the content of the email.

2. Brevity Is Essential to Email Writing

When writing an email ad, it’s important to remember that the shorter it is, the better. When someone opens a marketing email to see paragraph after paragraph of info, their eyes can glaze over quickly.

3. Try to Be Personal

Good email marketing engages the recipient on a human level. Try adding specific pleasantries, such as “Have a great Memorial Day Weekend” or “Hope you’re enjoying the summer weather”.

4. Be Mindful of Inclusivity

It is important to keep in mind that emails in your marketing campaign are ideally being sent out to people of all creeds and nationalities. Avoid any use of religious quotes or allusions to holidays not celebrated by everyone unless necessary.

5. Compose Your Email Outside the Application

If you’re in search of outside-the-box email writing tips, try composing your email in a Word document first. When you draft your emails outside of whatever application you use, there’s no risk of sending them by accident.

6. Use Bullets and Numbers

As mentioned earlier, even the sight of large blocks of text can test a reader’s attention span. Use bullets and numbered lists to both break things up and simplify your emails.

7. Try New Designs

A fresh visual design can be a great way to catch your recipients’ attention.

Try out some email design testing to find the format best suited to your campaign.

8. Strike the Right Tone

Good email marketing knows the precise tone to approach the reader. Humor, exclamation points, and emojis can convey excitement, but too much of either is hard to take seriously.

9. Learn From Your Competition

As with anything in the world of marketing, it always benefits you to check out your competitors.

Observe the marketing emails of competing brands and build from their strengths and shortcomings.

10. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

Spelling and grammar errors are embarrassing and can be difficult to come back from. It never hurts to reread your emails as many times as it takes to ensure they’re free of mistakes.

Stay Informed and Ahead of the Curve

Mastering the fundamentals of great email writing is only one important building block in managing your business’s online presence. The easiest way to give yourself a competitive edge is to stay up-to-date with online marketing trends.

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