Email Marketing in 2022; New Year, New Trends, New Definition

Email Marketing in 2022

Research conducted by Statista revealed the global market for email marketing, and it is a whopping $7.5 billion, valued in 2020. The study also forecasted that the market will expand to $17.9 billion within 2027. 

As a result of the competition, formerly effective tactics are being pushed out of the limelight. However, if you frequently update your email marketing plan to keep up with the newest trends, it will continue to be a reward that keeps on giving.

In 2019, the coronavirus epidemic ravaged the world, which affected millions of companies worldwide. As a result, humanity has learned several brutal truths. However, the business world’s most important lesson is that what you predict now is not certain to occur tomorrow. 

During the COVID-19 epidemic, most businesses shifted their marketing strategies to engage with their clients digitally. Marketers were surprised to see that using the strength of email marketing, numerous organizations could enhance their ROI in unexpected ways.

With that in mind, let’s look at the email marketing trends you won’t want to miss in 2022!

Email Marketing Trends 2022; Is Your Strategy Hot or Not?

Below are some of the best email marketing techniques and methods for making your emails more exciting and converting. These are the trends for 2022 that you must not miss at any cost!

User-Generated and User-Centric Content:

The easiest, straightforward, and most successful method for increasing conversion and organic traffic is leveraging user-generated content.

In a nutshell, user-generated content refers to your customers’ product evaluations, ratings, and images of them using the items, among other things. Users will form a positive image if they frequently see positive comments from a varied range of consumers. As a result, the prospect of conversion improves.

You can easily acquire user-generated material by encouraging consumers to upload photos using the item or include a CTA on a poll or questionnaire to gather the data swiftly. You can persuade your readers to buy the product by providing this information in your email pitch, thereby enhancing your ROI.


The most effective tool to boost conversion is customer segmentation and suppression. However, 2022 is when you have to walk one step further, from segmentation to micro-segmentation. 

This aspect requires delving into a client’s behavioral data, interests, geography, personality, and other factors before categorizing them into specific email list groups. According to research, the demands of your target audience are never the same. It changes regularly.

This factor implies that your client lists should be updated and perhaps reissued frequently, depending on their current behavioral traits. One approach to achieve this is to include a poll in your email to keep yourself informed about your customers’ changing requirements and preferences.

Micro-segmentation can be accomplished depending on a variety of factors, which include:

  • The Location (Residence, office, places they love to hang out in)
  • Personal preferences and buying habits (when are they primarily online shopping, what they love binging on, when they read emails mostly, minutes taken in cart loading, history of cart abandonment, etc.)
  • Age bracket, gender, and occupation
  • History of Travel (Loved tourist places, most frequently visited places, etc.)

The response and the average open rates for email may increase by 203% with proper segmentation. So, in 2022, this is one key marketing tactic you don’t want to overlook.

Dominance by AI (Artificial Intelligence):

Despite the reality that artificial intelligence (AI) is a relatively new addition to the marketing world, the enormous benefits it may bring are already making marketers think. Whether it’s an internet purchase or an abandoned cart, every digital transaction generates a massive quantity of data.

It is now possible to analyze billions of data sets in a couple of seconds and get actionable conclusions using AI and Big Data.

Let’s say you want to start a festival sale but aren’t sure how to structure your emails or what tag lines to deploy. The use of AI allows the analysis of various distinct combinations based on previous data and helps decide the best option.

The following are only a few of the millions of things AI can do:

  • Analytics that predict the future
  • Getting the most out of the survey findings
  • Getting the transmit time down to a bare minimum
  • Choosing the right topic lines
  • Organizing email marketing campaigns
  • Cleaning up your mailing list

To summarize, AI may not only boost your campaign effectiveness in a short period, but it can also save you a substantial amount of money on your campaigns.

Final Note:

Marketers were thrilled and perplexed by the massive increase in revenue they generated through email marketing in 2021.  Therefore, 2022 is the time to focus on refining the strategies to strengthen the marketing plan by engaging an innovative email marketing company that is constantly updated with new trends and technologies. While you might already know all about segmentation and suppression, micro-segmentation and the advent of AI might be new concepts that the best marketing minds have already started deploying. The results show wonders!

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