The 3 Steps In Email Marketing For Law Firms To Generate More Business

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful segments of digital marketing. When you consider that people are bombarded with ads all day long and are still willing to give you their email it makes sense that it can be quite lucrative. If you are doing law firm digital marketing and a big part of the strategy isn’t email marketing then you need to get on board right away.

Email marketing is a powerful tool that law firms can use to build strong client relationships and generate new business. By sending targeted, relevant messages to potential and current clients, law firms can stay top-of-mind, build trust, and drive conversions. In this article, we will go over several tips for a winning email marketing campaign

1. Build an email list

The most difficult part of the process is building the actual list. This is because people are usually very guarded about giving away access to their inbox. It makes sense since they can be very wary of getting too many promotional messages since they are marketed to constantly over the course of the day. 

The key is to give them an offer they can’t refuse and they simply have to hand over their email. You’ll need to create a giveaway or something of value that they will be enticed by. It could be a free guide to something that is of interest to the people that are searching for the services you provide. 

You may also be able to generate a large number of emails by simply asking your current clients to sign up for a weekly newsletter. Since they are already clients they may like the idea since they trust you already. 

2 . Segmentation

If you have different landing pages with people signing up for the list from different places then this means that they all have different expectations of what to expect when they receive emails. 

It’s important to craft emails according to why the person signed up so the content can match their expectations. 

Have a way to segment the emails according to how and why they signed up so there are different groups. Each group will get emails that they are expecting. If everybody were to get the same exact emails then many would unsubscribe since they are irrelevant to them.

3 . Create engaging content

Even though you will be using the list to promote your business, nobody wants to get constant marketing-based emails. You will see your list whittle itself down over time if you are too active with the promotions. Instead, focus on sending emails that are engaging and interesting to read. 

Try to average at least four informational emails that have no promotional type of materials in them. Then on the fifth email in the series, you can add a link to a promotion that you are running. You’ll see higher conversion rates this way since people will trust you more.