Top Types of Email Marketing Campaigns that breed success

Email Marketing

The goal of every business remains to reach out to a larger audience without having to spend a fat sum. Email marketing aims to achieve the same goal effectively. The best part about email marketing is that it offers immense scope for personalization.

You can run different email marketing campaigns, from sending a cart abandonment email to something more concrete where the focus remains on long-term relationship building.

If you have plans to start with an email marketing campaign, it will help to settle for those with a higher chance of drawing success.

Let us look into some of the winning email marketing campaigns.

Welcome Emails:

74% of new subscribers look forward to receiving a welcome email. This stat is proof enough for you to consider sending across a series of welcome emails.

 Since these emails enjoy a higher open rate, this is your opportunity to introduce your target audience to your brand, products, and services. You need not stuff all the information in one email. Instead, opt to send a series of emails.

For instance, the first email can be a brief introduction about your brand, while the second can work as a social media invite.

Seasonal Email Campaigns:

Valentine’s Day just passed by. If you decide to take a glimpse of your inbox in and around Feb 14, you will come across multiple brand emails revolving around this theme.

 This factor is what we understand as seasonal email campaigns. All you need to do is pick any popular holiday and float your seasonal email campaign days before the celebration day. You can tap on this opportunity by introducing something like a season’s discount. 

To avoid being lost amongst other brand emails, it is advisable to float your campaign early on.

Cart Abandonment Emails:

If you do not want to lose the customers, who added your products to the cart but failed to complete the order, the cart abandonment emails make a perfect pick for you.

 This ready opportunity boosts your sales and bottom lines by influencing the user’s buying intent. Like welcome emails, cart abandonment emails also enjoy a decent open rate.

 You can even consider offering an additional discount through the cart abandonment emails, which can trigger the sale. 

 Promotional Emails:

While most companies are sceptical about introducing promotional email campaigns, they can massively benefit a brand if done right.

Usually, in a promotional email, the company tries to introduce one or more products by offering detailed product information and pricing of every product on the list.

Such emails might not appeal to your audience and may thus go unnoticed. However, you can turn the tables by making your promotional email campaign more fun. Some of the best ways to follow the trend are to focus on a slogan, add a touch of humour or even give away a free product.

Drip Emails:

You do not want your target audience to feel like you have forgotten them. Similarly, you would not like it if your target audience forgot you.

One of the best ways of filling this gap is by introducing a drip emails campaign. In this campaign, your target audience will receive emails at set intervals. What is more, these emails can be regulated based on the actions your audience takes or the status at which they stand.

If you are keen on personalizing your email marketing campaign while keeping in touch with your audience, then drip emails make a perfect pick for you.

Re-engagement emails:

It is common for customers to change their email ids, which means your email lists can become redundant. One of the best ways of cleaning your email lists is by floating re-engagement email campaigns.

The purpose of this campaign is to send across a series of emails to your inactive subscribers. However, the ultimate goal remains to verify if it is possible to bring them from the inactive to the active state.

Getting rid of inactive subscribers is, after all, a good idea because it can impact your deliverability rate.

Email Marketing is the way ahead:

87% of marketers have turned to use email marketing due to the many benefits associated with this channel.

If you are confused about choosing between the many email marketing campaigns, then opting for one or more of the above alternatives should help.

However, if you wish to see substantial success, then it would be beneficial to engage the services of an innovative email marketing agency. Such agencies have a team of expert and experienced professionals on board who can help derive an email strategy that best works for your brand and products.

So what are you waiting for? Explore the world of email marketing.