Perfect Your Pitch With These Elevator Pitch Templates

Elevator Pitch Templates

Legend has it that the inventor of the elevator safety mechanism, Elisha Otis, gave the first elevator pitch. 

He set up an open elevator shaft, hoisted himself three stories up, and cut his supporting rope with an ax. It was a short presentation that got the full attention of his audience.

If you’re trying to get support or financing for your business idea, you’ll need to find a way to communicate your message in a short time. Here’s an elevator pitch template to help you hone your speech.

Introduce Yourself

The objective of the best elevator pitch is to earn you a second meeting with the prospect. It’s not the time to make a sale or present the full details of your product or service. Keep your introduction short, and be sure to use some attention-grabbing phrases. 

When you’re at a job fair, you’ll be making an elevator pitch about yourself. Examples remind you to be engaging and friendly while keeping your pitch goal-oriented.

You can easily adapt these elevator pitch examples for an interview. This introduction will come in handy when they ask you to tell them a bit about yourself. A concise, thoughtful paragraph is more impressive than a rambling answer.

Hook Them With The Problem

If you’re trying to find investors for small business, you’ll be making a business elevator pitch. Examples suggest that you use a statistic that makes them stand up and take notice. Make it personal by creating a connection to their company or business interests.

A question is a great way to deliver a problem in a way that your audience can relate to. If you can make your pitch appeal to their emotions by using words like ‘imagine’ or  ‘because.’ Use their name if you can because that personalizes your interaction.

Provide a Solution

Connect your solution to the problem. You can tell them how your solution can resolve their issue. Focus on the benefits they will gain by considering your idea.

If you use a statistic in the hook, let them know how your product or service will reduce the problematic number. If you begin with a question, end with one as well. You can ask them if they’ve experienced the same thing.

Another way to provide a solution is to tell a story. Without getting into the details, use an example where you helped another business solve a similar problem. Be sure to keep their identity confidential.

Summarize your pitch with an easy-to-remember phrase. This one-liner will give the prospect a take-away thought to consider later. Be sure to provide them with a business card when you part ways.

Use This Elevator Pitch Template Today

There are many good reasons to use an elevator pitch template to craft a clear explanation of your business proposition. Now that you understand the steps involved, you’ll be able to hone the perfect one for your situation.

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