Effective Ways of Leveraging Instagram to Boost Your Email List

Even though Instagram and other social media platforms are gaining traction by the day and have registered phenomenal growth, email marketing is not dead. It is still going strong. It is still one of the most competent methods of building robust relationships with your target audience. The main reason for this is the fact that email makes it possible for you to establish direct contact with all your customers and potential customers. Below in this article, we will cover the Effective Ways of Leveraging Instagram to Boost Your Email List.

Effective Ways of Leveraging Instagram to Boost Your Email List
Effective Ways of Leveraging Instagram to Boost Your Email List

You are constantly hoping that your posts would be seen by Instagram users while they scroll aimlessly through tons of the Instagram feed. If you integrate the two leading marketing platforms, you could leverage the power and versatility of both these platforms. An email would surely guarantee that your message would go straightaway to their inbox.

You may be having numerous Instagram followers but there is always a possibility that some of these followers would be missing your posts maybe because of the latest algorithm. There is no reason to despair now. You must be having their email ID; you could just send some important content and useful data such as pictures and posts of new product launches and the latest Instagram posts directly to their inbox.

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Ignite a Competitive Spark among Your Followers

Everyone enjoys being competitive. We all have an inherent competitive spirit that just needs an impetus to get rekindled. Whenever you come across a chance for winning something amazing, you would surely be tempted to make use of the opportunity and put in your name in the list of participants.  You must realize that Instagram is the best platform for organizing a competition.

Statistics reveal that Instagram posts that are associated with contests would be getting 35 times more likes and even 64 times more comments as compared to the normal posts not related to any contest. This clearly demonstrates the fact that you could reach more customers and potential customers by holding a competition so, use contests strategically to boost your email list effectively. The increased engagement precisely on your contest posts would make those posts more visible to a broader audience who could be added to your email list. If you’re looking for one of the top Instagram bots in the business.

Involve Your Followers

UGC or user-generated content is in vogue currently. The best way to boost engagement is to share videos, reviews, and pictures of your customers as this would be treated as the digital version of what we call the ‘word-of-mouth’. We know that research has revealed that posts that feature user-generated content get a 4.5 percent higher conversion rate as compared to the non-user-generated content. UGC not only helps in driving more traffic and boosting conversion rates, we know that it also, generates tons of content and gives you access to all that easily.

It would have taken you lots of money and time to generate content in such huge volumes otherwise. The best way to leverage UGC is to come up with a designated hashtag. Thereafter, encourage and motivate your followers to go on adding their pictures, videos, and stories. You may then use whatever UGC you have managed to collect together in Instagram ads for building and growing your email list. Moreover, research reveals that ads that contain UGC usually have a 4 times higher CTRs as compared to those without UGC.


It is quite evident that Instagram is truly a hot commodity and has achieved phenomenal popularity and success as a marketing platform. It has proved to be a brilliant platform to establish your brand and effectively reach broader target audiences. Moreover, it is the perfect destination to head to if you are thinking of generating more leads and growing your email list.

Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a social marketing guru. Her latest series of blog posts covers how you can create a social presence and where to buy real Instagram likes.