Easiest Way To Install TWRP On Your Android Device?

TWRP is a custom recovery which has access to your system ROM and other partition created in the device. Usually, this custom recovery can be used when you want to add/install or remove/delete system files or custom Kernel script. Install TWRP Android Device takes a few easy steps given below.

Note: Without getting the device unlocked installation of the TWRP cannot take place.

  •  ADB, Fastboot, and Drivers – 15 seconds ADB Installer v1.4.3 Deploying TWRP in the device:
  • ADB and Fastboot are required because to flash the custom recovery like TWRP or even custom ROM in the device. These files are easily available at Android SDK but the file size is huge for this process, we would only require 3 small files to continue, therefore this installer is required where it’s a very small and fast installer for tools and drivers.
  • Gather all the files which are downloaded to one folder or if you installed the ADB installer would suggest you place all the files in the ADB folder which is created at C:\ like the image below
  • Make sure you have backed up all your data from the Internal Storage of the device because we would require a clean installation in the device to keep the device bug free.
  • Boot the device to Fastboot mode by first power off the device.
  • Once the device has been powered off, Hold the Volume Up key and press the power/lock button to boot to Fastboot mode like the image below

Connect the USB to the computer and Install the Fastboot drivers.

Drivers are needed to instruct your OS on how to communicate with the Android device. Only Windows users need to install drivers, however. Linux and Mac OS X users are already capable of communicating with the Android device via USB.

After you have downloaded the USB drivers, extract them by right clicking on the download file, and choosing Extract here, or something similar.

  • Go to the Windows_XP_VISTA_7_8_8.1/Android folder.
  • Right click on the android_winusb.inf file and choose Install.
  • Open Start -> Control Panel -> Device Manager on your computer, and connect your Android Device.
  • You should see an unknown device entry at device manager.
  • Once the driver installs successfully you will view the Installed device as “Google Fastboot mode” Or some other verified signature drivers.


Now let’s come back to the ADB folder as suggested, now make sure now of the files are clicked in the folder or you would not get the option

Together Hold Shift and Right Click on the Blank Space on the Folder and select “Open command window here” to open a command prompt for that folder path.

You will view the command prompt window open like the screen below.

Easiest Way To Install TWRP On Your Android Device
Easiest Way To Install TWRP On Your Android Device

Type the below command to verify if the fastboot command is recognizing on command prompt

 Note: We are taking an example with ASUS Zenfone 2 laser for the below steps.


  • Type “ fastboot devices

  • You will view the device serial and it would say “Fastboot.


Now type the below command to Flash the Custom Recovery which is TWRP on command prompt.

“fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.0.2-5-Z00L.img ” 

You will see the script below and it should show like the image below.

After installing TWRP using Fastboot mode, this is how the home screen looks for TWRP.

  •  The device has been unplugged or disconnected.
  • The bootloader of the device has not been unlocked.
  • You have not typed the command properly or as mentioned (make sure you type the filename extension at the end)


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