11 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Client Website

Does driving traffic to your website give you a headache? You aren’t alone in this. Do you always ask yourself what is it that companies do to attract massive traffic to their websites? In the world of online marketing, web traffic can do wonders for your business with a significant number of incoming organic leads. This article isn’t going to explain every strategy of attracting web traffic under the sun. However, it will allow you to learn how to increase your client’s web traffic. These tips will help you to increase organic traffic to your client’s website. 

1. Maintain consistency 

Consistency is a crucial aspect of keeping your website lively. You’re likely to receive more readers if you manage your website regularly and create content. It’s not just a website but your marketing platform. You’d want to put the best possible content out to promote your business. However, while creating the content, make sure you’re covering all possible points inside your article/ blog and, most importantly, share your views in it. Such a simple personalized touch will attract more readers to your website. 

2. Use Low-Competition Keywords

The higher your website ranks, the more its visibility in search results. Learn how to utilize various SEO tools and optimize your website for low-competition keywords. There could be many websites marketing similar products to your brand. You compete for keywords with these websites. There’s a trick that will enhance your ability to beat your competitors in their game. Do your research and choose low-competition keywords. Clients and prospects will search for those keywords. Your website will pop among the first in the search results. 

3. Create Blog Posts 

Your Client Website
Your Client Website

When writing a guest post, the site owner or editor lets the writer link to the site. Individuals may be looking for something different when reading the blog. The provided backlinks will navigate them to your website. Its benefits include;

  • Increased traffic from referral 
  • More backlinks
  • Enhanced brand awareness 

The common challenge of guest blogging is how to find blogs that will accept publishing your posts on their sites. You can overcome this challenge by searching for “Become our contributor” or “Write for Us” pages. 

4. Market Content in Relevant Online Platforms 

At relevant online communities, you’ll find a potential target audience to market your brand. These communities are available in places such as;

  • Facebook Groups 
  • Slack
  • Forums 
  • Reddit

Post your content and provide backlinks to your site. More users are going to click it. 

5. Be Patient 

Patience is a vital virtue in business. You have to understand that everyone started somewhere. It’s a matter of time before you get there too. Successful sites with massive traffic did not begin in their current glory. Probably, there was a time these websites attracted only a handful of guests. Learn to remain patient and display consistency and aggressiveness as you develop your website. 

6. Participate in Social Discussions and Debates 

Your Client Website
Your Client Website

Social media plays an integral role in lifting any brand off the ground. Social discussions allow you to share ideas with members of your group community. Create a question and answer session where users find and answer all questions that they might ask. Tell them what you offer. 

7. Add Relevant Comments to Blogs 

Don’t underestimate the value of comments that you add to your blogs. Besides your authority, they also allow input from the readers. The benefits of comments include;

  • Engaging the audience 
  • Building trust with your potential target audience 
  • Creating authority 

Multiple online surveys have revealed that authority enhances the social sharing of your content. 

8. Create  A YouTube Channel 

Besides being the most effective entertainment platform, businesses generate massive profits from YouTube channels. Successful marketers recommend YouTube presence. Individuals have utilized YouTube to achieve traffic floodgates to their sites. Post engaging content on YouTube that will give guests a reason to share it. 

9. Sponsor Podcasts

Podcasts usher your site into a new world. Sponsor episodes of popular podcasts to boost your brand positioning. You can advertise your brand in a manner that creates an image in the listener’s mind. Provide URL links to your site. 

10. Answer Question on Quora

Quora allows anybody to ask questions or respond to given inquiries. You can use the platform to respond to existing queries in your niche. It also enables you to establish authority besides generating traffic along the way. 

11. Collaborate with Brands

Joining hands with other brands, especially those dealing in different niches, allows you to tap on their audience. You never know where your target audience is. Any situation can turn into an opportunity of driving traffic to your site. Work jointly with other brands to promote your audiences. 

You’ve learned how to increase your client’s web traffic. The given tactics are free to use. Your aggressiveness, patience, and ability to utilize technological tools are vital to succeeding in online marketing.