How to Drive Customers to Your Social Media Platforms

 Social Media Platforms
Social Media Platforms

Social media is widely regarded as the pinnacle of internet marketing. It lets customers get to know your business, is highly personalized, and helps to form lasting relationships. Gaining followers can be difficult (especially for smaller businesses), but building a social media presence is always worthwhile.

Know your audience

The first step is knowing exactly who your content is aimed at. Social media platforms and their algorithms favor content that’s laser-focused on a specific niche. Once you’ve established the age group and interests of your audience, it’s much easier to also work out the best times to post, the type of content to upload, and, perhaps most importantly of all, the voice of your brand. All of this adds up to brand identity, which is key to growing your social media presence.

Posting content within your niche means that you’ll not only gain followers, but those followers will be relevant and interested in your business. That means higher engagement rates. Social media algorithms reward high engagement with more exposure and, as a result, an increased presence.

Use email

Emails remain one of the best marketing tactics around, and you can absolutely use them to increase your social media presence. You don’t necessarily need to be too obvious about your intentions, either. An effective email signature can work wonders for your social media following. Signatures appear at the bottom of emails, and they’re often used for branding, including uniform fonts, color schemes, and company banners.

They might not seem like the most immediately effective way of gaining social media followers, but if you email a lot, you can ensure a slow accumulation over time. Include links to your social media profiles in your signature, and customers will inevitably click through. The follower gain might not be dramatic, but it will be sustainable and increase with every email. Striking a balance between too little and too much information in the signature can be difficult, so it’s always worthwhile turning to signature generator tools like These ensure that your signature is correctly optimized, formatted, and includes all the information you need.

Prioritize relationships

Social media seems to be a matter of numbers: followers, engagement rates, and reach, but those metrics are superficial and don’t necessarily help businesses grow their presence. All social media algorithms, regardless of platform, prioritize relationships. There are plenty of reasons for this (not least that networks want users to stay online for as long as possible), but it means that there’s a well understood method for growing your presence.

Engage with your followers. Reply to their messages and comments promptly and thank them whenever they share one of your posts. Follow other similar accounts within your niche. Post content that sparks discussion and conversation. It’s much better to have a smaller group of highly engaged followers than a large one that ignores or doesn’t see your posts. Ongoing relationships are the key to a successful business with a loyal customer base and repeat purchases. A well-run social media account can provide just that.