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To earn money in Dream11, you have to download the app, register, join a content and win it. Do not worry, there can be multiple winners (Teams) for each contest. If you want to try Dream11 without adding any deposit, then you can use this Dream11 Referral code SRINI37957BC.

How to enter Dream11 Referral Code?

Once you register in Dream11 using your mobile number, email, you can enter the above code and get a free cash balance of around Rs 100 that you can use to pay for the Entry Fee to join contests.

Dream11 Referral Code

In this article, we give you different types of Contests that you can join in the Dream11 Fantasy App. We also give you information like the typical prize money and the entry fee for these contests.

Contests for Beginners

In Dream11, There are many different types of contests that you can take part in and win money. One of those contests reserved for beginners. You need to pay to join every content, but as mentioned above, if you are a beginner, you can use the Dream11 referral code SRINI37957BC  and get a Rs 100 (India) cash balance. Nevertheless, This Balance is enough to take part in beginner content and one or two other types of contests. Typically a Beginner contest has a very limited number of competing teams, between 5 to 10, with 3-5 winners. You will get a very good chance to know about competing teams as there are a limited number of teams and thus to know what worked. Once the match starts, Dream11 allows you to see the players of the competing teams.

Know more about how to win money using Dream11 Fantasy Game


Type of Dream11 Contests

Once you get a Free balance by using the Dream11 Referral Code provided above, you can start participating in various content that Dream11 offers you and win money.

Dream11 Mega Contest

In a typical Dream11 Mega Contest, the total prize money can vary from a couple of lakhs to Crores based on Match Popularity and whether an Indian is playing in that match. There is only one Dream11 Mega Contest per match and typically 40% of the contestants win some money, where the smallest winning is close to the participation amount.

Total Prize MoneyRs 2,00,00,000 (2 Crore)
No of  Contesting Teams6,66,666
Entry Fee for the contestRs 40
No of Winners3,30,000
Winner Gets
  • 1 – Rs 10 Lakh
  • 2 – Rs 3 Lakh
  • 3 – Rs 2 Lakh
  • 4 – Rs 1 Lakh
  • 5 – Rs 50,000
  • 6 to 10 – Rs 10,000
  • 11 to 20 – Rs 5,000
  • 21 to 40 – Rs 2,500
  • 41 to 100 – Rs 1,000
  • 101 to 200 – Rs 500
  • 201 to 300 – Rs 300
  • 301 to 1000 – Rs 200
  • 1,001 to 4,000 – Rs 120
  • 4001 to 18,000 – Rs 100
  • 18001 to 90,000 – Rs 80
  • 90001 to 1,70,000 – Rs 50
  • 1,70,001 to 3,30,00 – Rs 40


Dream11 Hot Contests

Hot Contents have a low entry fee and a high number of participating and winning teams. The slots. Hot Contests are similar to Mega Contests with a bit lower prize money or we can say Mega Contest is the Biggest Hot Contest. For example for the same India and Australia’s third T20I match, the Biggest Hot Content’s prize money is Rs 1 Crore with an entry fee of Rs 26.

Dream11 Head to Head Contests

Dream11 Head to Head Contests is the ultimate faceoff contest. There are only two participants and only one winner. Typically the participation fee is around 55% to 60% of the total fee. So Dream11 makes a margin of 15% to 20%. For example in a Head to Head Contest of Rs 10000, each participant has to pay rs 5,750 to join the contest.

Unlike Mega Content where there is only one contest, there are many Head to Head Contests. As soon as one slot is full with two participants, Dream11 always opens the slots for these Head Head Contests.

Dream11 Contests for Champions

Dream11 Contests for Champions have a high entry fee and an intense competition. Typically these contests are for experts.  Following contents for the third T20I between India and Australia shall give you a fair understanding of the Prize money and the Entry Fees for these types of contests.

Contest 1 – Ranking Based Prize Money for winners

Total Prize Money2,00,000
No of  Contesting Teams25
Entry Fee for the contest9,999
No of Winners7
Winner Gets
  • 1 – 1,00,000
  • 2 – 50,000
  • 3 to 7 – 10,000


Contest 2 – Equal Prize Money for Winners

Total Prize Money1,00,000
No of  Contesting Teams30
Entry Fee for the contest3,999
No of Winners10
Winner GetsAll 10 gets 10,000 each


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