Hello friends, I am +Shani Deshwal again here with a professional article for LinkedIn users. Everybody knows about LinkedIn and its importance for professionals. LinkedIn is different but useful for getting higher professional carrier. Here I will share a step by step guide to download your full LinkedIn profile in a .pdf file. You can share your LinkedIn profile pdf file to anyone and anywhere. Really, Its amazing.

Download LinkedIn Profile
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Why is a LinkedIn profile Necessary?

Todays, most of the professionals register themselves on too many websites. Each website wants to update profile with some optional information and some necessary information that takes too much time. To avoid this time consumption process, Some websites provide a option to upload your LinkedIn profile on that website and feel relax. By this, you can update your profile with few steps and your profile will remain same on all websites as in .pdf file.

How To Download Your LinkedIn Profile in .PDF File

1. Just go to Linkedin.com and login with your registered email and password.

2. Open your LinkedIn profile at Linkedin.com.

Download Your LinkedIn Profile With Simple Steps (Like CV)
LinkedIn Profile

3. Now you will get a “blue button” titled “view profile as“.

Download Your LinkedIn Profile With Simple Steps (Like CV)
Dropdown Button

4. Just point your mouse right to that button (dropdown) and you will find a list like this-

Download Your LinkedIn Profile With Simple Steps (Like CV)
Save as PDF

5. Select “save as pdf“.

6. Select your desired location to save this file named “yourname.pdf“.
All Done!

Open your pdf file and check all the details and match with your LinkedIn profile.

Last words- This tutorial was shared to download LinkedIn profile in .pdf file and it let you to update your profile on any website with this pdf file. We hope you got this tutorial and it helped you a lot. If you have any query about LinkedIn profile or download LinkedIn profile, just share with us with comment box or whatsapp.

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