How To Download Complete Websites To Browse Offline

How To Download Complete Websites To Browse Offline? You guys will agree for sure that these days our life is centered around the Internet and data connection. Without having an active internet connection we can’t use our smartphones or laptops to their full potential. There are many situations when you need to browse a website but you don’t have an internet connection or you are having it but the website is taking a lot of time to load because of slow internet connection.


So today we are here to tell you about some options for downloading complete website so that it can be viewed offline at a later time, whether you are using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. We also shared an article on how to Download Paid Apps for Free on Android

How To Download Complete Websites To Browse Offline

1. Using HTTrack

HTTrack is an extremely popular program for downloading websites. The wizard is easy to use and will follow you through settings that define where the website should be saved and some specifics like what files should be avoided in the download.

Steps to download a website using HTTrack:

Step1: Firstly you need to download and install HTTrack.


Step2: Now click ‘Next’ on the welcome page.

Step3: Now give the Project name, Project category, and the default path where you need to save the websites you will download and click ‘Next’.

Step4: Select Download website(s) for Action, then type each website’s URL in the Web Addresses box, one URL per line. You can also store URLs in a TXT file and import it, which is convenient when you want to re-download the same sites later. Click ‘Next’.

Step5: Now the downloading process will begin, this can take time according to your internet speed and the size of the website you are downloading.

After completion of the download go to the folder which you have selected to save the website. Open it and look for the file index.html. Double click it to open it. Now you can browse the complete website offline in your browser.

2. Using GetLeft

GetLeft is a website grabber that provides an easy way to download a website according to the options set by a user. All you need to do is just provide the URL of a website you wish to use while offline and it downloads the complete website according to your specified options.

Steps to download a website using GetLeft:

Step1: Firstly you need to download and install Getleft.


Step2: Now open the software and press CTRL+U, it will ask you to enter the URL of the webpage you want to download and the directory where you want to save it.

Step3: Now you select the files that you want to download.

That’s it, wait for a few minutes until all the files are in your system. After that, you can browse your saved website in offline mode. If you want to download HD movies, we have shared an article on Best YIFY Alternatives to Download HD Torrent Movies. Here we share best YIFY alternatives and you will love those websites.

Final Words:

So this is how you can download the complete website which you can use more often on your laptop, like a blog or some tutorial website. You would not need the internet every time you want to use it. So guys just try out any one of the software we have mentioned above and in case of any query do comment below.


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