Sometimes users need to have access to a website offline. And sometimes you want to backup of your own website for future safety. You can access that data anytime, anywhere without internet. Whatever the case there are a few ways you can download a part of or a complete website for offline access.

Download website for offline
Download entire website
Some websites are too good coz of looking and its content that’s why we have gathered these two tools which you can use to download any website direct to your local or mobile device also. Here is a step by step guide to do this easily, similar to our guide about backing up your Facebook account.

Step by Step Guide to Download an Offline Version of a Website

1. There are two most powerful software to download a part of or full website, install any software to do this.
To download HTTRACK, CLICK HERE (recommended, android also)


2. Open your software, input your desired website’s url.
Enter url
Enter wibsite’s url

Note– You can download full website by entering website’s url and also download a part of any website by entering custom url of that website.

3. Select your storage location to store your website data.

4. Click on ‘start‘ and wait for few minutes (it depends on website’s content).

5. When your downloading finished, you can find it to your storage directory. Now you can access this website from that directory by tapping on ‘index.html‘ file.

By this guide you can easily download a website as offline version and you are free of internet to access them anytime and anywhere. Just download your favourite website today and save your data for future.

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