What Documents do you Need When Transferring to the UK

Transferring to the UK

The UK offers lots of opportunities in terms of education, jobs, and medical assistance. In addition, it’s a country rich with arts, culture, history and beautiful landmarks, the transferring to the UK and live here. So, if you’re planning to live in the UK permanently, it’s essential to know the required documents you need to prepare to process your migration. 

However, the first thing you need to consider when transferring to the UK is the type of visa you’re applying for to enter a European country. Typically, the visa categories include work, study, business, or partner visa, depending on your purpose of entering the country. 

In the case of wanting to live in the UK permanently, the suitable visas for you are family visas and point-based visas, including Skilled Worker Visa and Tier 1. These kinds of visas are eligible for extension and can eventually grant you permanent citizenship in the UK. 

Be Eligible for ILR or Indefinite Leave to Remain

If you want to transfer to the UK permanently after working and living in the country for several years, you can apply for an ILR or Indefinite Leave to Remain. It’s a process you need to apply to have the freedom to work, study, and live in the UK as long as you want. 

The minimum requirement to be eligible for ILR or permanent residency is living in the UK for at least five years under the eligible visas for ILR, including Family Visa, Spouse Visa, Skilled Worker Visa, Investor Visa, and others. You can find the complete list of eligible visas for ILR here. 

Other than having the suitable visa to apply for ILR, you also need to satisfy additional requirements to be eligible in applying for permanent migration:

You can apply for ILR only if:

  • Aside from residing in the UK for almost five years, you can apply for permanent settlement if you have taken and passed the Like in the UK knowledge exam. It’s a test about the traditions, cultures, and history of the British.
  • During your stay in the country, you’ll be given a qualifying period to prove that you’re eligible to be a permanent resident in the UK. But during this period, you are required not to spend more than two months outside the border of the European countries.
  • Furthermore, you are only eligible to apply for ILR if you did not have any criminal record and followed all the immigration rules during your stay in the UK.
  • You are also required to prove your language skills by providing a Level B1 in English certification in accordance with the CEFR or the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. 

Documents Needed to Acquire ILR

Applying for a UK settlement requires you other immigration documents aside from the eligibility requirements mentioned above. Here are the documents you should prepare to prove your eligibility for permanent residency.

Passports and Travel Documents

First, you need the original copy of your current passport alongside the old passport you have during your stay in the UK. Furthermore, it will also be helpful to compile all your travel documents outside the country to confirm the period of your residency.

Financial Documents

It would also help prepare the financial documents you have, such as your salary slips and bank statements. This will be required if you’ve been working in the UK for several years. 

Documents Proving your Identity

To apply for ILR, you also need to prove your identity by providing the original copy of your birth certificate. Or, if you are adopted, you should be able to present the certification for your adoption. These are required to confirm your relationship with your British Sponsor if you are under a family or partner visa.

Police Registration Certificate

As mentioned above, you need to prove that you have followed the rules and did not commit any crime during your stay in the UK. In this matter, you will need to present a police registration certificate.

Language and UK Knowledge Test Documents

You should also prepare the certificates you got from passing the Life in the UK knowledge exam along with your language proficiency certificate. However, there are various exemptions in this matter, so be sure to check if you’re exempted from having these documents.

Passport size Picture

It’s also required for you to bring two copies of a coloured passport-sized picture along with your name written on their backs.

Documents Related to Your Immigration History

Lastly, it will also come in handy, bringing other documents related to your immigration history. It can be useful to prove the period of your stay in the UK.