What to Do First With iPhone Water Damage

iPhone Water Damage
Dropped your phone in the toilet or got it wet while eating? 

It’s a scary situation to see an expensive iPhone start malfunctioning. There’s also the fact that iPhone water damage isn’t an easy problem to deal with. Unlike a cracked screen, you won’t immediately know which parts to replace.

The good news is there’s still hope. Continue reading our guide here to learn how to deal with iPhone water damage:

Turn the iPhone Off

The first thing you need to do when dealing with iPhone water damage is to turn the device off. This will prevent your phone from short-circuiting and burning any of the internal parts. Don’t worry if your phone won’t turn on or if you see screen lines — let’s focus on damage assessment first.

Next, look for the iPhone water damage indicator (LCI). The LCI is in the same spot you insert your SIM card unless you’re using an older iPhone model. Any model older than the iPhone 5 has its LCI hidden in the headphone jack area. 

If the LCI is still white or silver, you might be able to fix it with silica gels (more on that below). If it’s red or pink, you need to get your phone repaired.

Unplug and Clean

Did you turn it off? The next step is to unplug it from any cord and cable. If you were charging or had earphones plugged in when it got wet, take those off immediately. 

It’s crucial to remove them, making it easier to clean out the ports and get the water out of the device before it spreads. 

Moisture Absorption

There’s an urban belief that you can fix a wet phone by burying it in rice. Don’t do this! The rice grains will only clog the ports and cause further damage.

So how do you dry out an iPhone without rice?

You might have the solution lying around your house. Use those little packets of silica gel, the ones you get when you buy gadgets or shoes. These little packets come with gadgets for a reason — they’re supposed to absorb moisture. 

Professional Repairs

Is your phone still not functioning after turning it off and using silica gels? If you waited a bit for your phone to dry out and things are still grim, it’s better to take your device to a professional. 

Is the LCI on your iPhone glowing red? As soon as it does, your warranty won’t cover water damages. You’ll have to pay for the water damage repair cost out of pocket. 

Fortunately, professional iPhone repair services can guarantee you’ll get your phone back in tip-top shape. It’s a lot cheaper to pay for repairs than it is to buy a new iPhone. 

Deal With iPhone Water Damage Today

There’s no denying that iPhone water damage is a pain to deal with. Apple won’t even cover it under their warranty. However, following these basic steps will help you cut down the costs of repairs and you might be able to use your phone without replacing any parts. 

But what do you do if you need other types of repairs? How do you deal with a cracked screen or if a virus infects your phone?

Don’t go because we’ve got the answers you seek. Feel free to go over more of our tech guides today to learn how to deal with these issues and how to keep your iPhone in good shape!