Do all game developers release new online slot games? 

new online slot games

It would be completely and utterly untrue to say that gambling is only a recent phenomenon in human history because by now there are multiple pieces of evidence to suggest that we have been gambling in some shape or form for several thousand years. Whilst that is true, you also cannot dispute the fact that the 21st-century gambling world is an outrageous amount more popular and successful than at any other point in history – there really is no argument! 

There are many different reasons for the modern dominance of the casino gambling industry, however, one of the largest ones is simply the extraordinary determination of casino game developers to churn out exciting new games as much as possible. This leads us to a commonly asked question in the industry – do all game developers release new online UK slot games? Keep reading to find out. 

A pick of the best slot developers 

There are countless casino game developers around in 2021, as new companies are set up almost every week in order to take advantage of the massive surge in demand for online casino gambling. It is massively exciting, although it also means that the quality level can sometimes dip below what most online slots gamblers would deem acceptable. For this reason it is essential to know about some of the best slot developers around these days. 

Keep reading for a pick of our favorite slot developers: 

  •       NetEnt: As far as slot developers go it is extremely difficult to beat NetEnt, a slot developer that has been raising the bar for the entire slots industry over the last two decades. The Swedish developer is responsible for some of the best slots of all time, with games like Starburst still being played religiously by online slot gamblers all around the world.
  •       Big Time Gaming: Big Time Gaming are undeniably the most exciting new slot game developer to come out of the last decade, mainly because of the company’s outrageous new Megaways invention. This has allowed slots to have over 100,000 ways to win, and now that Big Time Gaming have licensed the Megaways system for use with other developers they are everywhere!
  •       Yggdrasil: Yggdrasil are another fairly new online slot developer, however with several members of the team coming from NetEnt, this company knew exactly what they were doing from the very state. Stand out titles include Vikings Go To Hell, an online slot that deftly shows off Yggdrasil’s epic graphics, enthralling bonus features and hilarious themes.

Some fantastic new online slot games 

So, that’s some of the best slot developers out of the way, we bet you’re now wanting to know about some fantastic new online slot games. Here are a few to check out: 

  •       Flamingo Paradise
  •       Gordon Ramsey Hell’s Kitchen
  •       Viking Runes

Do all game developers release new online slot games? 

Right then, do all game developers release new online slot games? You best believe that the majority do! It is the only way to keep up in the fast-paced modern slots industry.