Top Digital Tools that can Help to Prevent Summer Slide

    Digital Tools

    We all love a good long summer break. However, remember how difficult it was to go back to studying after such a long break? In a recent study conducted by researchers it was concluded that students in countries with a long summer break could lose around one month of learning time, a drop of reading skills by 30%, and half of the school year’s Mathematics knowledge. 

    It is also observed often that the difference between students’ performance in standardized tests before and after a summer break is significant. So, summer break also affects their overall academic skills and knowledge. It has also been observed that it takes a couple of months for the student to recover from the learning loss and it may affect their grades for the entire school year. What’s worse is often such a slide affects the confidence of the student and it becomes harder and harder to cope up. A learning slide is a slide that parents would not want their kids to take. 

    With the massive digital penetration that we have today in our lives, it makes it all the easier to resort to digital tools that can help to prevent this summer slide. 

    One subject that is known to take the biggest hit after a summer slide is Math. Most activities that students do in their daily lives do not include any practice of Math. Some great tools to keep up the level of Mathematics skills even during long summer breaks are: 

    Online Tutoring Services: 

    Coronavirus pandemic resulted in a surge in the number of people seeking online tutoring services. We cannot ignore how our world has changed post-pandemic. People have started spending more time at home and significantly reduced their outdoor time. 

    Online Tutoring Services are a great way to keep the summer slide at bay, not force students to commute during summer holidays, and also lessen the need to step out in the harsh summer sun.  Online summer courses on various platforms provide students with the help they need to prevent their summer slide. The focus subjects are  Math, Science, and English. These courses take a personalized approach to test preps and academic tutoring.

    Virtual Learning Pods: 

    Virtual learning pods are focused at peer to peer learning in smaller groups. Peer-to-peer learning is always a great way for students to feel connected and motivated. While we do acknowledge the great benefits of digital education, we also feel that it is very easy to often feel disconnected, because it results in absence of human interaction for long periods. 

    That is why virtual learning pods can be extremely beneficial in establishing a two-way communication flow. On many platforms, you can also sign up for free sessions before you commit to anything. With a focus on your customized experience, you’re given the flexibility of creating your pods as long as the students are of the same grade and studying the same subject.  

    Online Homework Help: 

    We all have faced days when we have a looming homework deadline and not a helper insight. Around 95% of students struggle with homework and most parents are not able to help them. With online homework help, students are sure to find help and a professional one at that.

    Especially in this lockdown situation, when parents are also busy working from home, children may feel lonely with their homework struggles. However, with some online help, this problem can be solved easily. Various platforms offer the help of tutors who are available round the clock and offer live homework help.  

     When schools are off for summer, an intensive summer learning process can be a great way to turn around your kid’s summer slide. Many of these outside-helps are designed to give your kid a complete solution to summer learning loss. A summer slide can sometimes contribute to a learning loss equivalent to 1 year worth of learning. 

    However, with these carefully designed digital tools that facilitate your child’s progress during their summer break, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Now that you know the helpful digital tools that will help your children from suffering a summer slide, you can avail them of your children’s holistic benefit.