Digital Signage Basics: 6 Tips For Successful Customer Experience

Digital Signage Basics

Digital signages are everywhere. They’re with you when you’re at the airport, in your favorite restaurant, and even when you’re in a taxi. They display information in various forms to communicate with audiences and capture their attention.

To have a digital signage campaign that communicates successfully with your customers, here are some tips to follow:

1. Create A Plan

There’s more than just turning on your digital sign and hoping it’d work. It’s essential to plan the entire journey before even installing your system. Start with conducting a market research, build audience profiles to know who you’re talking to, identify the location of your screens, and assess the equipment you want to use. If you need help, why not hire an audio-visual company to get these things done?

2. Content Is Key

The content of your digital sign is what makes it work, but at the same time, it can fail you miserably if done wrong. Therefore, it’s best to make it informative and interactive while telling an engaging story with your audience. You can even hire writers to help you out or look for companies that offer creative services for an excellent campaign.

If you’ll be doing the content on your own, then try to keep your message short and sweet so people won’t lose interest in it. You may even keep your audience engaged with quizzes or snapshots of blog posts related to their interests. Also, don’t forget to include text overlays so viewers will know what they’re looking at.

3. Think Like Your Audience

Businesses are jumping into various hacks to increase exposure and presence. From utilizing the powers of journalists to podcasts, all have a target goal—increase profits through advertising. 

This is the same with the use of digital signages. However, digital signage isn’t just about advertising. It’s also about creating content that can engage your audience by telling stories, giving tips and tricks, and providing helpful information about their surroundings. This way, they get to know you better so they can be more loyal to your brand.

4. Identify The Right Place And Equipment

Digital signage is everywhere, and there are various ways you can use it. Some come with touchscreens so viewers can interact with the brand through their smartphones.

You need to identify what equipment you should use: liquid crystal display (LCD), a light-emitting diode (LED), or ePosters. Each one has different advantages, so it’s crucial to identify which one will provide the most effective result for your campaign. Some of these advantages are outlined below.

  • LCDs are generally cheaper to install, and they can be easily installed onto walls or hanging from ceilings. LCDs also offer better visibility compared to other types of screens.
  • LED displays are more energy-efficient than any other digital signage type. If you want your digital sign to engage your audience, LED may be suitable for you than other types of screens.
  • ePosters are great for the interior because they can draw viewers’ attention effectively. However, they may not be advisable for large areas where there are too many activities happening. They may even be stolen by people who pass by your establishment.

Digital Signage5. Get Creative And Innovative

Digital signage doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous. You can make it enjoyable enough that it’ll capture the attention of your viewer, build trust with them, and even create a connection. Thus, you must understand what your audience wants to see so you can provide them with something valuable and memorable. Some creative and innovative ways to use it on your campaign are:

  • Interactive displays for better engagement.
  • Use of quick response (QR) codes for easy access to your website.
  • Content that’s responsive to the movements of people in front of it.
  • Helpful information like weather updates or event schedules.
  • Use of digital signage to reward customers.

6. Measure Your Success

How do you know if your digital signage campaign is effective? You can measure its success through the number of views, engagement level, and brand recall. Determine if your campaign is successful by checking out how many views you get per screen every day. Engagement level will show you how well your digital signage can keep people’s attention while brand recall will give you an idea of how effective it can be used as a marketing tool. You can check out this guide from Rise Vision to learn how you can measure digital signage ROI effectively.

If you want to improve your campaign, try to tweak it a little and test it with a small group of people before expanding it on a larger scale. You can even hire digital signage companies or consult other industry experts to better understand what works best for your establishment. 


Digital signage campaigns aren’t an overnight success. It takes time to see good results from your campaign, so don’t be discouraged by poor initial results and don’t give up easily because there are chances that it’ll take off. Also, make sure to follow up on your campaign and make necessary changes for better engagement. Digital signage is the future of marketing, so why not start today?