Digital Marketing Tutorial – Trends of 2021

Digital marketing is what modern businesses can’t live without, especially after the chaotic 2020, when the pandemic hit and most companies transferred online. Below in this article, we will cover the detailed view of Digital Marketing Tutorial – Trends of 2021.

Digital Marketing Tutorial - Trends of 2021
Digital Marketing Tutorial – Trends of 2021

As to 2021, ways of digital marketing will only become more powerful due to the further development of the Internet of Things and the need to stay home. Even people who considered computers an enemy are looking for products and services online now.

Want your website to follow all the trends of 2021 and get more revenue than ever? Then you need help or a guide into the types of digital marketing and their innovations for the year. We’ve prepared a tutorial consisting of 6 amazing trends.

1. UGC Is on the Rise

UGC stands for User-Generated Content, and it’s one of the best things that can promote your business. It’s used to improve customer trust and experience and let people talk about your brand, drawing attention from more potential buyers.

Consumer experience is a crucial thing for any brand. By interacting with buyers as with partners, you can achieve two goals at once: getting more sales and improving the experience.

Such content is usually relatable and talks right to the client without the wall between the brand and the people. Plus, it’s interesting, which is vital in the age of stay-at-home rules and restrictions.

Another benefit is that you’re selling smoothly, without aggressive marketing, which isn’t a trend anymore (was it ever, actually?).

2. Backlinks Are Still a Top Method to Get Traffic

Before approaching your potential clients, you have to find them. Bringing traffic to your website from all kinds of sources is a great way out. One of the basics that can help your website is buying SEO backlinks because SEO (search engine optimization) is the key to getting attention.

One of your SEO team tasks should be not only investigating keywords and creating content plans to incorporate those following Google guidelines. Getting enough mentions to be indexed and move gradually to the top of the first SERP (search engine results page) should also be a priority.

The team might not have enough time, or you may just want to outsource the SEP part. Buying backlinks from a company that takes responsibility for its quality is a great way out.

3. Live Streaming with a Marketing Pitch at the End Are Still Effective

The digital marketing process isn’t only limited to data analysis and ways to sell as many products as possible. There are Google tricks in answer to the question “What is digital marketing”? Some of its aspects are incredibly smooth, like live streams with a pitch at the end.

All kinds of free webinars are very popular nowadays. They are made:

  • As a part of the launch funnel;
  • To familiarize people with the upcoming or existing product;
  • To give the understanding of the use and benefit people will get from it;
  • To engage with the audience;
  • To promote your brand.

Such webinars have to be wisely made. They need to provide useful information on the topic, answers to questions (usually at the very end), bonuses, etc.

A great algorithm for such a live stream:

  • The introduction of the representative and the brand (short and smooth yet interesting);
  • The main part with the discussion of problems, reasons and causes, possible ways out, statistics, etc.;
  • Product marketing (“All of the aforementioned problems are addressed in [the product]”…). You should give comprehensive, clear info about the product or service, without aggressive marketing;
  • Stats about the product (optional; how many people have used it and what result they got);
  • A bonus (optional; giving a 5-10% off to the first 100 people who sign up, etc.);
  • FAQ section (both about the topic and the product);

Such an approach is especially great for selling info products. And what do digital marketers do in this? They have to prepare the structure of the webinar and write the pitch. Something smooth and engaging to make people realize that all the aspects of the product meet their needs.

4. Sustainable Businesses Are the Ones to Survive

The movement towards sustainability is one of the best corporate trends that has affected digital marketing as well. By making your company more sustainable and environmentally friendly, you achieve two goals:

  • Helping the environment;
  • Following a trend and having more like-minded people buy your product.

Many thought leaders say that the fight for the environment has to become trendy in order for people to take it seriously. It’s sad to hear such sayings, but it’s true, unfortunately. How to become a part of this digital marketing trend?

Make an emphasis on the cleanness of your products:

  • As an owner, lead a more eco-friendly life and let the marketing campaigns incorporate that fact;
  • Strive towards sustainable manufacture and show people that through social media;
  • Get cooperations with TOP eco-friendly bloggers and influencers;
  • Consider taking part in a “green” charity event.

You will see the results in a short time because only sustainable businesses or those who strive for the title are going to survive. After all, 81% of consumers believe that businesses have to work on improving the environment.

5. Being Inclusive Has to Become Normal

Inclusivity is what many brands nowadays are still lacking. We see a certain kind of models, colors, shapes, etc. As more people are getting the value of inclusivity and equal representation, the same part is turning away from companies that don’t support their views.

In 2021, every brand shying away from the importance of inclusivity and diversity will see the consequences of such arrogance.

So, it’s time to change your marketing strategy to cater to all kinds of people.

6. Easy-to-Perceive Yet Creative Content

Your marketing campaign has to be filled with easy-to-consume content. It’s very simple yet creative and to the point. And here are the best working tips on how to make your digital marketing content irresistible:

  • Add media content.
    Have you ever seen a guest post on a blog with lots of lists and a free picture from Pixabay or a similar service? This is the essence of the easy-to-perceive content. Adding an image or a video addressing the problem will make it much easier to reach the audience.
  • Use infographics.
    Although reading is good for us, most people are looking for a scannable text, while others don’t like ready large articles at all. Consider adding infographics with conclusions for every part of your marketing article.
  • Make the text content scannable.
    As mentioned before, scannable content is easier to consume. Add list, don’t make your sections and paragraphs more than 6 sentences. Make sure there are enough subheadings for every point you want to make.
  • Learn storytelling.
    To make the content engaging, learn storytelling techniques. These will help your text and images come in the best order for the reader to understand the article.

These six trends touch every part of the marketing process. And what is it? It’s everything your business does and wants, put into numbers and then into wise strategies. They bring people to the checkout effortlessly and work on returning the “abandoned cart” clients. Digital marketing is something you must invest in if you want your company to be successful.