Digital invite ideas for different cultures

different cultures

People today are more interested in keeping up with the latest trends, and this has led to a shift in the traditional wedding invitation. Similarly, invite designers have had to adapt to the more discerning tastes of their clientele. In addition, there is now a dizzying array of options, each of which seems like the perfect fit for your special day. However, you need not worry, as we are here to provide you with the finest of our services in order to assist you in selecting the most original and appropriate wedding e-invitation card available online. You can also create your own wedding card online with the help of various templates and samples available. 

1. For a Muslim Wedding

Make sure that everything, down to the wedding attire, fits into the overall concept of the event. It’s important to not overwhelm the card with too many different symbols and styles. Black text on white paper, for example, and white text on a dark paper would both work well.

Put in Arabic personalized calligraphic signature- Incorporate a unique calligraphic signature in Arabic Calligraphy has a long history of significance in the Muslim faith and is widely recognized as a significant artistic tradition in its own right. If you want to make an impression with your business card, why not have a custom calligraphic signature made with your name? If you have any experience with calligraphy, you may design it yourself, or you can have your card manufacturer provide you with several examples to choose from.

Begin with the Bismillah Logo– Starting a fresh journey and a new life by invoking Allah’s name will keep you safe no matter where you go. Therefore, you can create your wedding day card with a beautifully written “Bismillah” logo in gold foil and a combination of hues like bottle green, maroon, scarlet, and moonlight blue, as it is the essence of Muslim’s holy book Qur’an.

Add in Arabic Logo- The addition of an Arabic logo is sure to impress wedding guests. If you’re going for a timeless, elegant look, picking the perfect card design is the way to go. Contradictory and stunning, the white and gold mixture of the Arabic script.

2. For a Marathi Wedding

Not sure whether to go with a more modern or more traditional design for your Marathi greeting card? Timeless traditional styles infuse a building with a lovely sense of history and culture from the very beginning. Here are a few alternate layouts from which you can choose. Here are some options for your Marathi wedding’s e-invitation online, as well as designs to choose from if you’d rather not use a traditional wedding card.

Wedding Storytelling Elements- Color Schemes is a certain way to up the ante on the traditional wedding decor game. This could take the shape of miniature illustrations depicting various aspects of a Marathi wedding, such as the Halad Chadavne dance of the bridesmaids or the Antarpat rites of the bride and groom. In a Marathi wedding, each leaf of the card could depict some aspect of the ceremony’s significance.

Ganpati Motif- Incorporating a prayer to Ganpati, the Hindu god of prosperity, into your traditional Marathi wedding card could be just the thing to set the tone for the big day. An unadorned Ganpati motif is stunning and luxurious yet. Choose bright hues and complement them with a traditional Ganpati motif in gold embossing, metallic printing, or printing.

Essentials to add to your Marathi Wedding- The essentials of a Marathi wedding card include depictions of gods and goddesses, which symbolize the beginning of a new life together and provide good fortune to the couple. It is common practice to include scripts from many religious texts on invitation cards. These can be tailored to suit your personal preferences and religious convictions. The wedding invitation you send out is the first step in the wedding planning process and, as such, it should be the most original and artistic. It’s important to select a design and style that are truly one-of-a-kind for your wedding because it conveys a message about the type of event you’re planning.

3. For a Hindu Wedding

The practice of Hinduism are engrained in our society and culture. Let your wedding be a moment to tell stories about your family’s history by sending out Hindu wedding invitations. Hindu marriage is a sacred union, and as such, it is marked by a number of ceremonies and rites. These rites and traditions permeate not just the wedding day, but also the lead-up. A Hindu wedding invitation will typically include references to religious texts, depictions of deities, and other religious symbols. If you want to make your own, you should definitely consider including these features.

E-invite to narrate your love story- Hindu marriage is a sacred union, and as such, it is marked by a number of ceremonies and rites. These rites and ceremonies are expressed in the wedding itself, as well as in the lead-up. Sacred texts, representations of deities, and other religious elements are commonplace on the average Hindu wedding invitation. Then, if you want to make one, you need incorporate these features.

Classical music and Bhajan e-Cards- Listening to music is something that all of us enjoy doing. However, we have a specific fondness for traditional and devotional music. Embracing your love in a unique Hindu wedding invitation is a fantastic way to show it off. Shapes resembling cassette tapes, compact discs, and even records were all readily available.