Decorating Advice For Conservatories

Decorating Advice For Conservatories

Your conservatory should be a beautiful living space, filled with life and light, that seamlessly blurs the lines between inside and outside, connecting you to your home and your garden at the same time.

If you’re looking to give your conservatory a new look and want some design inspiration, well you’re in the right place! So follow along with our advice and transform your conservatory into a beautiful living space that is as functional as it is stylish.

Blur The Lines Of Inside & Outside With Greenery

Conservatories bridge the gap between the indoors and the outdoors, as while you may be inside when in your conservatory, your view is mostly outside, this makes conservatories a great place to add greenery, as it reinforces the feel of being outside, whilst still being inside.

By adding plants and other greenery into your conservatory, you’ll create a delightful feel to the room and help yourself feel more connected to nature. Better yet, you can also create a sense of height and the feel of extra space, by hanging plants from the ceiling or having plants that trail up the walls, which creates a delightful look that invites nature into your home.

Add Colour & Shading With Conservatory Blinds

One of the few downsides of conservatories, is how hot they can get when it’s sunny! As conservatories are mostly made from glass, they can easily work just like a greenhouse and become incredibly warm when left unchecked. So, you should be shading you conservatory, but how do you do that?

The simple answer is just installing blinds made for conservatory windows in your conservatory, these specialized conservatory blinds, just clip into the window frames for easy installation. Once you have installed blinds, you’ll notice your conservatory is much cooler, but with conservatory blinds, you don’t just get the cooling, you also get a new stylish look and can add an extra splash of colour to your conservatory, by choosing coloured window fit blinds.

Create a Comfortable Seating Area

You should design your conservatory in a way that encourages you to use it as much as possible, so you can maximise the enjoyment that it brings to your life. Most people will design and use their conservatory as an extra living room, so to provide the living room feel to your conservatory comfortable seating is important.

Furniture is the first and most important step in giving your conservatory the feel of a living room, so you should look for comfortable sofas and chairs which you can place in your conservatory as a seating area. From there, you can bring in coffee tables, television units, music players and all the other creature comforts which will make your conservatory feel like an extra living room.

Now that you know the basics of decorating your conservatory, it’s up to you to turn your décor dreams into reality. Once you have these basics nailed down, you can expand the décor, by brining in soft furnishings like rugs, adding convenient storage and bringing in other décor accessories to finish your conservatory décor journey.