Debunking the Most Common Roof Repair Myths That Exist Today

Most Common Roof RepairThe U.S. roofing industry will become a $17.6 billion industry by 2025. The incredible growth of its market makes it more accessible to a larger audience. However, it also means rumors and misinformation abound.

Whether you want residential roofing services or are plain curious, knowing the truth is a must. It’s especially vital for the former since you might end up wasting money on subpar services.

Do you want a good starting point? In this guide, we will discuss some common roofing repair myths. Read on and discover them now.

No Leaks? No Roofing Problem

In most cases, roof leaks don’t appear suddenly. They are often the result of various vulnerabilities in your roofing system. When left unchecked, they worsen as time passes.

Eventually, a more obvious leak will develop. Your home longevity improves when you stay ahead of this issue. Consider hiring professional roofing services to inspect and maintain your roof regularly.

An expert’s help allows you to address minor problems before they become severe. It avoids costly damage in the long run. After all, replacing your roof will set you back by at least $5,000.

You Can Install New Shingles Over Old Ones

Instead of replacing your entire roof, installing new shingles costs less. It’s a short-term repair, but it’s perfect when you have little time to spare. 

When installing new shingles, you can’t check the underlying sheathing. It means you miss issues like rotting from various factors like leaks or aging.

Also, some local building codes forbid you from covering your roof if your current one has two or more covering applications. Ask the best roofing company in your area to determine a better option.

Replacing the Flashing Only Happens During Roof Replacement

Flashing secures your roof’s most vulnerable areas from water damage. For this reason, your flashing should always be at its peak condition. When it develops issues, consider replacing it as soon as possible.

Replacing your flashing applies even before the roof needs an overhaul. Hire professionals to inspect your roof and flashing at least once a year.

More Attic Insulation Means Better Roofing

Your roof’s performance can improve with the correct attic insulation. If you have too little or too much insulation, your roof will have some issues.

Too much insulation blocks ventilation at the eaves and soffits. It traps moisture, perfect for mold growth and spread. 

Reputable roofers can discover the perfect balance between ventilation and insulation for your roof. In most cases, you can look at the roofing company leads to determine where they stand. Check for their online reviews to get an idea of their customer experience.

Debunk Roof Repair Myths Now

We hope our guide dispelled these common roof repair myths. Never let these misconceptions deter you from getting help. DIY can save you from upfront costs, but its long-term issues can make you spend more.

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