Debunking the Most Common Business Phone System Myths That Exist Today

Most businesses in the United States utilize VoIP systems in the workplace. Not only are they more affordable than traditional landlines, but they also scale much better with your growing business. 

Phone System Myths
Phone System Myths

Despite these positive aspects, this type of business phone system also has a somewhat negative reputation due to some common myths about them. People either assume they don’t work as well as advertised, or they don’t take the time to invest in reputable companies.

Here are some of the myths you’ve heard of that are completely wrong.

1. They Have Poor Call Quality

A professional phone system isn’t serving its purpose if you can’t understand what’s being said over the line. Although VoIP originally had weak call quality, internet standards have changed since then. 

As long as you have a strong internet connection, you’ll have clear and reliable voice quality. 

Additionally, it scales better than a standard phone line. A key system unit can only have up to 50 different users, while a VoIP can run off of minutes for the whole company. 

2. VoIP Isn’t Secure

Exchanging information over a VoIP phone system may not seem secure, but the level of security depends on the provider.

You want to choose a supplier who owns the network and infrastructure. That way, you know they can implement the best possible cybersecurity and take full responsibility.  

VoIP’s biggest security problem is its use of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which is easily hacked by itself. However, there are ways to protect your company and run a secure SIP call using a VPN, among other methods.

3. It’s Expensive

Even though a VoIP business phone system is more advanced than a standard phone line, it’s actually much more affordable. It all depends on how you scale it for your company.

Legacy telecom providers charge you for the hookup, access, and voicemail. VoIP is all-inclusive. And instead of paying per user, there are some VoIP phone systems that charge for a set amount of minutes. 

4. Difficult to Install

Installing a professional phone system for your business doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, setting up a VoIP can be as simple as downloading an application for your device. 

Nuwave is one such system that can offer you control over your communications infrastructure in a single window. Empower Microsoft Teams with Voice, which your business can access through their network.

Check them out and see how their platform can streamline your business processes. 

Try Out a VoIP Business Phone System

The telephone industry has been around for generations, but it can’t exactly improve upon itself much. VoIP, meanwhile, has changed since its early years.

It does more than function as a business phone system. Now, you can connect it to your other applications, make toll-free global calls, and organize your numbers all in a single platform.

Most importantly, your business will never be too small or too big for VoIP. If your company makes fewer calls, buy fewer minutes. 

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