Data Privacy Day Roundup

The Data Privacy Day (International) is a worldwide celebration leading up to the day of March 1, which has been dedicated as a global event since 2006 to help raise awareness about data protection and privacy.

Data Privacy Day Roundup
Data Privacy Day Roundup

Each year, the Council of Europe invites all countries and organizations worldwide participating in this day with their own initiatives: official events and activities such as conferences, exhibitions, workshops, or even film festivals. Several years ago they even created a new prize for education “Data protection – good governance for our private life”, whose first laureates were professors Klaus Landefeld from Germany and Christine Laurière from France two years ago. In Austria, there was an annual German-language program called “Daten und den Menschen respektieren” on ORF. International partners such as the European Union, the OECD, and other organizations or institutions join in by organizing their own locally relevant activities – not only on Data Privacy Day itself but also throughout the year.

Last year’s Data Privacy Day at a glance: DPD 2020

Data Security Training – DST (Data security training):

The aim of this course is to provide you with all important information about data protection laws and regulations. With us you get an insight into the current legal framework and learn how to apply it practically in your daily work.   The focus lies on practical problems and solutions which we discuss together with our experts: The course gives you an excellent basis for dealing sensibly with personal data in your workplace!

Examples of other international Data Privacy Day activities:

Data protection and privacy – what is new in the European Union? The right to be forgotten:

On Tuesday, February 25, 2021, EU Commissioner Viviane Reding opened a conference on “The right to be forgotten”

in Brussels, which dealt with the issue of how to ensure data protection and enforce a person’s right to deletion.

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The conference was a central element in a Data Protection Day which will be held throughout Europe from 25 February – 1 March 2021. The aim is to inform citizens about their rights vis-à-vis organizations that collect and process personal data.

In her opening address, Viviane Reding emphasized that the European Commission will continue to support the introduction of a comprehensive EU law for data protection as well as an effective enforcement mechanism: “Data protection is not only a fundamental right but also good business”. The Commissioner went on to say that Europe needs innovative companies for its future economic growth. But without proper rules on data protection and privacy, this is not possible.

The conference covered a broad range of topics related to data protection in the EU, including the role of industry, the rights of individuals, and enforcement issues. The participants discussed how to balance individual rights with legitimate interests of companies and organizations that collect and process data – for instance when using social media or electronic communications services. They looked at ways to strengthen citizens’ control over their personal data. And they examined how existing rules can be applied more flexibly so as to take on board recent technological developments such as cloud computing or big data applications which involve automated processing of large amounts of personal information.