Cut the Cable But Still Watch the NFL

Watch the NFL
Watch the NFL

One of the biggest trends in the United States today is people cutting the cable and switching to streaming services. The only worry for some is that they won’t be able to watch sports, especially when it comes to the sport of football. 

If you are going to bet on the league and study the watch the NFL lines then you also probably want to watch the games play out. Cable used to be the only way to accomplish this, but that’s simply no longer the case. 

Companies have found a way to get around cable, and are now offering streaming services that include live sporting events. There are still some costs associated with these channels, but it can be a much cheaper option than getting a cable bill every month.

There are a couple of streaming services that offer live NFL games, and there is a contract in place with the channels that offer these games. This list includes:

  • Fubo TV
  • Hulu Plus Live TV
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV

NFL games traditionally were only played on Sundays, but that is another thing that has changed. The League has taken over Thursday and Monday nights as well, and you will want to fire up those streaming services to watch the games.

With the rapid growth of sports betting in the United States, it is no longer an option to simply follow along with the scores. If you plan on betting on the NFL then you have to find a way to watch the game, and these streaming services provide a perfect opportunity to do just that. 

Most of the NFL games can now be seen on CBS, Fox, NBC, or ESPN depending on what day of the week the games are taking place on. Once you have found a streaming service that you want to use then you can simply look for these channels to find the game of your choosing. 

NFL Sunday Ticket Not an Option

The only negative about using a live streaming service is that NFL Sunday Ticket is not going to be available. There are some features of NFL Sunday Ticket that might be available depending on the service, but this is a product of AT&T or DirecTV. 

You should expect that live streaming services are going to offer something similar before long since NFL Sunday Ticket has been extremely popular. You can find out of market games on these streaming services, which will help you find your favorite team from throughout the league. 

Really can’t go wrong with using a streaming service, and there is no reason to continue using cable if you are worried about the price of the bill. 

Other Sports Also Available

From September until February, NFL football is the most popular sport to watch in the United States. That’s going to be the best time to have one of these streaming services in place, but you might as well keep this for the rest of the calendar year as well. 

While it is the NFL that is going to draw sports fans to the live streaming services, other sports will be available to keep the interest of the customer. MLB does have some strict restrictions in place for watching live games, and it’s best to check into each service before making that commitment. 

Not only will these streaming services allow you to watch more sports, but it might also help you become a better sports bettor as well if that is one of your hobbies. You need to watch sports to know what is going on, and live streaming services make this a simple process.