How To Talk to Customer Support Service In The Right Manner 

Customer Support Service

How many times have you relied on the customer support team of a company or a service to guide you through an issue? I have always been swift to dial up the given number or leave my query over email because the truth is, no one can guide you better than a professional team on board. However, to make sure you get the help you need, it is important to learn a few tips and use them time and again to have a great experience 

1. Learn To Communicate Your Agenda Clearly 

The customer care team is there to guide you but there is little that they can do if you are not able to explain the issue at hand clearly. For example, once a friend of mine had to inquire about the right method to correct a mistake made on a money order. When he got in touch with the respective company, he was not able to produce all the information that they needed to deal with the issue such as when the money order was sent out, what was the mistake, etc. 

Therefore, it is crucial to have knowledge about your problem before you communicate with the customer service. If you have a technical issue with the device, be prepared about sharing device model, date of purchase, version, the software installed, etc. Moreover, be concise about the problem. To help you out, it is also a great idea to write down a short script that can guide you during the call. 

2. Wait For The Right Time To Call

Almost all companies are experiencing higher call rates nowadays. Therefore, it is common to face delays when it comes to getting in touch with the customer care center. Although you can always wait in line, you can also shorten the delay time by strategically deciding which time is the right one to call. Typically, the least busy of the time is when the call centers open early in the morning on weekdays. A little online research has also helped me determine that Mondays are the worst days to call if you need help with something. Instead, wait for Wednesday or Thursdays which are less crowded. 

3. Choose To Talk to a Real Human If You Can 

Most customer support centers have installed automated systems. These often record your call or provide appropriate guidance on how you can fix a certain issue. However, it is always more fruitful to get in touch with a real human who can listen to the exact query and respond accordingly. The automated call will guide you about what to press if you want the call to be forwarded to the representatives. Therefore, listen carefully and choose correctly to save time and energy. 

4. Regardless of How Serious Your Issue Is, Be Nice! 

If you just bought a security camera, installed it, and figured out that it is not working, you have the right to be annoyed but, remember, the person on the other side of the call is not at fault either. Unless you are getting through directly to a major store’s employee portal or the senior management, there is no point in being rude to customer representatives. 

In fact, this may not work well in your favor. You have to explain the problem clearly and do so as politely as you can to elicit sympathy and get them on your side. Be patient with the directions that they give you. 

5. Don’t Forget To Leave a Review 

It is a great idea to leave a review about the outcome of your customer service call. In this manner, you would be helping out the company in improving any service that they lack and also encourage the team on board to keep performing well.