What Is Custom Diamond Painting? Detailed Overview, How-to, and Useful Tips

Diamond Painting has taken a storm in the world of art and crafting, everybody loves to paint with tiny sparkling diamonds. The custom diamond painting kits are available online and all the accessories, required materials are provided. 


Custom Diamond Painting
Custom Diamond Painting

Imagine how delightful feeling it is to diamond paint a picture you capture in a special moment of your life. Yes, it is possible you can diamond paint your picture by selecting a perfect image. You just send the right image to a custom design Stockist. They will customize the layout similar to your selected image and send you the diamond painting kit containing all required materials to complete the painting. 

The most critical part of this process is to choose the right image for a stunning and colorful image, otherwise, you will fail to get desired results. But don’t worry, we’ll discuss all the rules you should keep in mind while selecting an image to avoid the terrible feeling and disappointment of failing. 

It’s a great offer for you to choose your favorite photo and we’ll metamorphose it for you to commemorate. Custom Diamond Paintings are a unique and remarkable piece of art that will boost your creativity and train your brain to focus and relax at the same time. 

The stress and the anxiety created by this Covid-19 pandemic cannot be compensated by anything, but this diamond painting activity will provide you unparalleled happiness and a feeling of contentment. 


Custom Diamond Painting
Custom Diamond Painting

Without further ado, let’s get straight into the features for selecting the best image for a diamond painting. 


The image should be large and of high quality to turn out an outstanding painting, if the picture is small in size, when it is customized in the layout form the quality will be poor and you will end up having bad results.


The image you select should be of high quality and not blurry on zoom in because each pixel of the image acts as a diamond in your painting so you should keep in mind the high pixel quality. You can easily check it by zooming in on your selected photo, if it is pixelated then the image will not work as a Broderie Diamant Personnalisée So check your image before sending it for customization.


Custom Diamond Painting
Custom Diamond Painting

The factor of coloring and shading is important to consider while selecting an image for diamond painting because you may have often heard a question “Why is the black color of my diamond painting different from the image’s color?” The answer to this question lies in the coloring and shading feature of the image. The color of your image is 1000x magnified when it is converted into a diamond painting canvas. 

The picture on canvas is just like looking at your face in a super close-up mirror. You can even see a pore, wrinkle, spot, or anything on your skin. So with your diamond painting, you need to select colors according to the magnified view of the image. 


To solve this problem you can use an editing app and transform your picture into prominent and favorable colors to have a crystal clear colorful and mesmerizing painting. So after setting the shading and shadowing of your picture you can send it to the company for turning into an elegant layout. 


Custom Diamond Painting
Custom Diamond Painting

One of the most essential aspects is the size of canvas you should consider while selecting the image because it is necessary to choose several faces that should include and also the details you want on the diamond painting. That’s why selecting the right image is tricky as you have to look upon several factors, otherwise, you end up getting a childish or cartoonish painting. 


The recommended size for a one-person image for a custom diamond painting should be 11”×15” (30cm × 40cm). This site is perfectly fine for a one-person image. 

Further categories of small sizes objects images can be considered as:


17cm × 20cm- this size is used for small objects like a big flower that doesn’t have much detailing. 


20cm × 30cm – this size also works for small and simple designs but can hold slight detailing well.


30cm × 40cm – this canvas size is good for one person image having a clear detailing, also goes well with the image of the crowd including only faces.


40cm × 50cm – this size is perfect for almost all designs, so human faces or animals can go well with this size.


45cm × 60cm – this is the size of a diamond painting that can show a nice amount of detail. Almost four faces of the image will be shown clearly.


40cm × 120cm- this is the biggest size you can get in diamond painting, keep in mind the saying “ the bigger, the better”, you can get the best results with this size of the canvas. But keep in mind canvas of this size is not cheap but the results are best and worth the money. 


Lastly, you should select the orientation of the canvas according to the image you selected for the Diamond Painting.

Should I go with a Landscape, Portrait or Square shaped Canvas?

Custom Diamond Painting
Custom Diamond Painting

Well, the answer depends upon the original image, so make sure you choose a canvas that is similar to the aspect ratio of your image. 

In case your original image is in Landscape orientation, and you choose the Square canvas your image will be cropped. Your loved one may be cropped out from the picture so carefully choose the orientation. 


We have discussed the custom diamond painting, what it is and how you should follow the procedure for selecting a perfect image to metamorphose it for a lifetime and making it a sparkling memory. If you have your secret tips for selecting a perfect image for a custom diamond painting, do share in the comments below.