Free Online Currency Converter and Unit Converter tools (With out any app)

Hi, We are back to you with one more interesting article, today’s article is related to Free Online Currency Converter and Unit Converter tools. There are lots of websites and apps with the help of which you can perform conversion between currencies and units. But here here we provide you some simple and smarter solution for the same.


Currency and Unit Conversion in Chrome Browser

Currency Converter

You can use the currency converter to convert from one currency to another. For example, you could convert Indian Rupee to US dollar.

  • To convert one currency into another you need to simply type “currency converter” in the search bar of the browser. (Check Demo)unit-currency-converter-1
  • Now, a small window will get opened within the same window having the way of converting currencies.
  • You can choose the currencies in which you want to perform the conversion. At the same time, you can also choose the amount you want to convert.

Note: By default browser shows 1 Indian Rupee equals how many US dollars.

It will not just convert one currency into another with the current exchange rate, but even has a graph that shows how the currencies are fluctuating in the past years.

Once you have made a conversion, it is really easy to bounce around other currencies if you want to. For example, find out how much that same 100 Indian Rupee is worth in Kuwaiti Dinar, Euro, Bulgarian Lev, or Paraguayan Guarani.

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Unit converter

You can use the Google unit converter to convert from one measurement to another. For example, you could convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit or cups to litres. You need to simply type “unit converter” in the search box of the browser and you will get the unit converter (Check Demo)

unit-currency-converter-2The type of Unit Conversions you can do in Chrome Browser are   

  1. Temperature
  2. Length
  3. Mass
  4. Speed
  5. Volume
  6. Area
  7. Fuel consumption
  8. Time
  9. Digital storage

Now you can choose the units between which you want to perform the conversion along with the quantity.

Currency and Unit Conversion using Bingo in Edge Browser

Currency Converter

bing currency conversion
bing currency conversion

The Steps involved currency conversion in Bingo in Edge are same as of Google in Chrome

  1. Enter the Quantity of the currency to convert from
  2. Select the Source Currency type
  3. Select the Target Currency type
  4. That it, the converted currency value is automatically displayed

Units Converter

bing unit conversion
bing unit conversion

The Steps involved Unit conversion in Bingo are

  1. Select the type of Unit
  2. Enter the Quantity to convert from
  3. Select the Source Unit
  4. Select the Target Unit
  5. That it, the converted quantity of the Unit is automatically displayed

The type of Unit Conversions you can do in Edge Browser using Bingo are

  1. Length Conversion
  2. Mass Conversion
  3. Temperature Conversion
  4. Speed Conversion
  5. Volume Conversion
  6. Area Conversion
  7. Time Conversion
  8. Frequency Conversion
  9. Angle Conversion
  10. Force Conversion
  11. Pressure Conversion
  12. Energy Conversion
  13. Power Conversion
  14. Electric Current Conversion
  15. Voltage Conversion
  16. Resistance Conversion
  17. Digital storage Conversion
  18. Fuel consumption Conversion

So, here are the best solutions to perform conversion without having the need to install any app. So you can use this feature of Google Chrome to fulfil your task regarding converting currency or unit.


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